With Manny Machado, what’s the Dodgers odds to contend?

Manny Machado is officially with the Los Angeles Dodgers and while those in LA have welcomed the thirdrd baseman with open arms, those in Baltimore are singing a different tune. 

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Hey Alexa, play ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ by Boys II Men.

It’s okay though, Baltimore, you still have crabs! Well — err — you know what I mean.


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The Dodgers are currently holding the top spot in the NL West, going back and forth with the Arizona Diamondbacks who are trailing by one game.

But will LA’s newest starlet shine or will this be MannyWood 2.0? 


Allow me to throw some numbers and facts in your face and hope it all makes sense. 

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Since joining the Dodgers, Manny has played 11 games and produced 13 hits and five runs.

In terms of runs, that may not be exactly fire for this hotshot, but let’s cut the man some slack.

The two-time Golden Glove winner just moved to west coast after six long post-seasons (or lack there of) in the bitter winters of Baltimore.

He more than likely is just not used to the copious amounts of sun and palm trees.

So Dodgers fans fear not, he’s just getting warmed up. 

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Plus his own teammates aren’t even concerned! 

“I can’t imagine a deeper lineup,” starter Alex Wood fawned over the young stud. “For sure the deepest I’ve ever played with, and I’ve played with some pretty good lineups so far in my career. Adding him in there gives our lineup a whole other dynamic. Looking 1 through 8 every night, it’s like, ‘Who is going to be the game-changer?’” 

So if they’re not worried, you shouldn’t either right? 

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So what the Dodgers should worry about?

Staying. Healthy. 

The Dodgers have been baseball’s most-injured team over the past couple of years — or, at least, they’ve used the disabled list more than any other squad.

Shortstop, Corey Seager, is out for the season with Tommy John surgery. Outfielder, Yasiel Puig is still out with an oblique strain. Justin Turner, who looked inchoate in Milwaukee, does not seemed destined for full health this season. 

If the Dodgers were to stay healthy, the chances of them making it to the big stage once again are pretty high. 

Three-time Cy-Young winner, Clayton Kershaw has been sturdy this season despite being placed on the DL early June due to lower back strain.

Though he has been up-and-down in his five starts since coming off his second stint on the disabled list, the lefty ace says he definitely feels healthy and thinks “the consistency’s coming.”  

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Stay tuned for updates. You know this is a story we’re going to keep eyes on.

— Nicolette


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