Like Father, Like Son! Family Competition in AZ vs. NAU Saturday

Arizona Defensive Coordinator Jeff Casteel. Photo:

The Arizona Wildcats had a season defining win last year against the Oregon Ducks. Not to mention they did so in Autzen Stadium. They went on to win the PAC-12 South and faced the Ducks once again. This time getting their a$$es kicked.

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Photo: Scooby Wright Instagram

Well, it’s a new season and there’s new faces on the field, but the goal is still the same. Can they end up on top of the PAC-12 once again?

Being ranked #22, they kicked off the PAC-12 season  against the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners. The Wildcats finished with a win, but they sure left fans with concern. The defense couldn’t seem to mesh and remember Scooby Wright III? The guy making all the tackles and sacking the quarterback? Well, he went down and is expected to miss three to four weeks.

During the second half, the offense sparked. QB Anu Solomon threw for four TD’S, no interceptions and completed over 60% of his passes. Okay, hope.

Then in Week 2 they really got the fans going in their 44-20 win over Nevada. Nick Wilson crushed it, picking up 106 yards and two touchdowns on just eleven carries in the first half.

Arizona totaled out with 301 yards on the ground against Nevada, accomplishing something they have only done one other time (300+ rushing yards in one game in 2014 (Pac-12 Championship Game – 301).)

Arizona will now take on Northern Arizona, also undefeated thus far. But let’s be real. The stats for the Wildcats heading into this game are real solid against NAU.

Arizona has won 11 straight contests vs. NAU going back to 1932. 

Jake (middle) and teammates pictured in H.S. Salpointe uniforms. Photo: Kevin Hamlett Twitter.


There is a sort of family rivalry going into this game this year however… Arizona’s Defensive Coordinator Jeff Casteel will be taking on a NAU team with a Casteel on the roster- his son.

Lumberjacks redshirt freshman Jake Casteel has been playing mostly on special teams this season, but should see more time at backup linebacker in the future.

Jake Casteel has been a part of Wildcat’s head coach Rich Rodriguez life for quite some time… Like, try 15 years.

“I’ve known him since he was wee little,” Rodriguez said to

Jake (left) pictured with father and Arizona Defensive Coordinator, Jeff Casteel (right). Photo: Jake Casteel Twitter.

Fifteen years of attending practices and games and hanging around the office, for a then little Jake.

Jake says this will be an experience of a lifetime and both him and his father are excited for the turnout.

Let the rivalry begin! Nothing like some good family competition!

Game kicks off Saturday September 19th at 8 PM in Tucson, AZ. Keep an eye out for Casteel running out of the tunnel… Out of both tunnels that is…

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