Let the DeflateHate Come in Full Force Because Tom Brady is FREE… For Now

Photo: Patriots Twitter

Let the DeflateHate come in full force because Tom Brady is headed back to the football field. Oh yeah.

Thursday morning it was announced that the judge (who we now all know his name- Richard Berman) has nullified the judging of Tom Brady’s four game suspension to start the 2015 season. Naturally this stirred up everyone and had the internet going on a rampage of hate or happiness.

ESPN Insider, Adam Schefter, said this was an embarrassment to the NFL…

Cough, cough- They should.

SportsCenter anchor, Steve Levy said he even heard an announcement over the loud speaker in a Boston hospital that “Tom Brady is free.”


Upon hearing the news the Patriots, who were fined $1 million and docked two draft picks as part of the league’s initial punishment, tweeted…


And of course Gronk tweeted about it…


And Trump…

And Barry Bonds.. Wait- Uh, awkward? Wonder what they have in common…

Not to mention Dunkin’ Donuts all along the East Coast rejoice…


But, were we too quick to jump to the conclusion that Brady’s suspension would actually pull through? I mean, there is the fact that there really was no hard evidence against Brady that was brought forth in court… Even though we all know he def deflated some balls. What? Who said that?

But don’t worry the drama continues- NFL Commish Roger Goodell announced later Thursday that they will be appealing the judge’s decision.

OMG. How many times is this going to happen? For real though.

Goodell said in a statement Thursday:

“We are grateful to Judge Berman for hearing this matter, but respectfully disagree with today’s decision,” Goodell said in a statement. “We will appeal today’s ruling in order to uphold the collectively bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. The commissioner’s responsibility to secure the competitive fairness of our game is a paramount principle, and the league and our 32 clubs will continue to pursue a path to that end.”

Despite the appeal, Brady will see the field for his Thursday debut against the Steelers only because the league didn’t seek an emergency stay, freeing Brady to play while an appeals court considers the case, which likely will take months.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.33.46 PM
Photo: ESPN

If I were a Steelers fan man would I be pissssssed…

Or how about if you already drafted for fantasy? Brady moved from 24th among quarterbacks to 6th. Thank the heavens our TCD draft is tonight. MUAHAHA

So after seven months of declarations and appeals, is this it? Is Deflategate over? Not quite.

Hell, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama felt the need to hold a press conference on this matter even though eight police officers have been killed in the past nine days and nobody seems to care about that…

Our world is pretty messed up man.


Stay posted and we will fill you in as details continue to come to us on all this Tom Brady drama…


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