Lakers are 0-3 and everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X

Just like when Green Bay Packers fans went all haywire when the Packers lost a few games to start the season I’m telling you Los Angeles Lakers fans and viewers what Aaron Rodgers told Packers’ fans then…




OK, so the Lakers are 0-3 to start the season… Do you really think that number truly justifies what we’ve seen from them on the court though?

LeBron James is in his first season in Los Angeles and the hype is huge. So huge it might be hard to live up to. Last year the Lakers weren’t expected to go 3-0, but now with LeBron they are?

Let’s be a little more realistic, peeps.


Sure, the Lakers have a huge advantage with the King on their roster and, frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked if they go far in the playoffs because of it.

But we are three games into the season and everyone wants to panic.


Let’s focus on some bright spots.

I mean, DID YOU SEE the Lakers-San Antonio Spurs game Monday night?


If you didn’t, and only saw the final score, then that’s why you’re hear reading this article to argue.

There is a reason LeBron is called the King. And if you were watching the last two minutes of regulation you would understand why.

Hell, if you were watching the last three seconds left in regulation you would understand why!


Without LeBron’s mile-away 3-pointer with three seconds left (after getting hit in the face and barely being able to see, I might add), the game wouldn’t have gone to extra minutes. 

Can we take a pause to daydream about what it was like in Staples Center when he hit that?


I was buzzing like a bee just watching it through my TV when the crowd went on fire so I can only imagine.


LeBron was only two rebounds away from a triple double (32 points, 14 assists, 8 rebounds).

It may be LeBron’s first 0-3 start since his second season in the league but this is going to be a process and he even said so himself after the 143-142 OT loss to the Spurs Monday night.

“It’s not tough,” James told ESPN Monday. “I know what I got myself into. It’s a process. I get it. And it will be fine. […] So, I didn’t come here thinking we were going to be blazing storms right out of the gate. It’s a process, and I understand that.”

And, furthermore, let’s get a HOLLA for Kyle Kuzma who was smashing buckets down right and left — 37 points to be exact. And he nailed that 3 right before LeBron’s to help bring the game to OT.


The point is – the Lakers can be clutch when they need to be. And they were to bring the game to overtime.

OK, so the contesting argument: well, why didn’t they win then?

Thanks, Patty Mills for that one.


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But in all honesty, YES, there were some flaws and missed opportunities at the end of the game that led to the Lakers demise, ripping their nearly-first win out from under them.

Those missed opportunities especially hit hard in the last minute of overtime…

Rebounds… Anyone heard of them? Defense… Anyone heard of that?

LeBron’s TWO missed free throws… Yeah, that was bad.

And we all know how I feel about missed free throws…


Lebron’s missed step-back 3 in the final seconds of OT… OK, don’t make me repeat my opening line on this, because this was not the ultimate game loser.

Honestly, I can’t believe people are seriously asking “Did LeBron choke in OT?” because of his missed jumper. C’MON. Was his near triple-double not enough for you? Good grief.


Lakers coach Luke Walton even had LeBron’s back on his last jumper.

“We’ll take LeBron going to his left on a step-back jumper for game every single night,” Walton told ESPN Monday. “He is going to hit most of those. Players making plays.”

And LeBron thought he had it, too.

“Just get to my spot,” James told ESPN of what was going through his mind on the possession. “Get to my spot. I got to my spot, got the shot that I wanted. It just didn’t go down.”

SO if LeBron ain’t worried and Walton ain’t worried, Y’ALL NEED TO CHILL.


LeBron knows the Lakers are going to be just fine and believes they’re on the right track.

“We’re going to continue to get better,” James told ESPN. “We’re going to continue to get better. I like the direction we’re going in. Obviously, it’s not resulting in the wins right now, but it’s such a long process.”

Sure, there are definitely places the Lakers can improve on in order to get those wins.

But then again — we’re three games into the season. EVERY TEAM HAS AREAS TO IMPROVE ON.

And, damn, let the King get into his groove, folks.

— Courtney

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