Just Because, Mike Trout

Angels at Orioles July 24,  2011

Well of course we all love Mike Trout-not only is he extremely hot, but there is no doubt he is the Angels’ All-Star and MLB’s favorite rookie to the sport!

Trout has earned the respect among his peers and among Angel’s fans because he’s batting, oh you know, .297/.386/.543 for a 163 OPS. Not too shabby.

Trout is constantly in control of the game, whether it’s running the bases (like his feet are actually on fire) or blasting the ball to the ends of the stadium. Plus did you see his steal to third against the Red Sox?! It doesn’t get much more impressive than that.

Even Bryce Harper loves the kid. According to the Washington Post, Harper said Trout is “the best player in baseball, and I don’t think anybody can argue with that.”

And I’d like to see someone try and argue that!

But seriously, what do I love better than watching that cute face on Subway commercials? Seeing a 23-year-old make a name for not only himself in the majors, but also making a name for the sport.

Oh, and I guess enjoying my beer and brat while watching the kid at an Angels game pretty much tops the list.


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