Jetset Life! Private Jets Are Easier to Get Than You Think

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day, I will own a private jet. I have a dream that one day, I will be able to afford MY OWN private jet. Well, with today’s reality my dream can become possible. Well, kind of.

I won’t necessarily “own” the entire jet. In fact, I can just “rent” it when I need it! EVEN BETTER!

But seriously, if you have the cash, why would you fly domestic? Time to move on up people and act like the celebs you are!

So many celebrities and pro-athletes have been saving a chunk of change by getting a hit of these exclusive memberships as well. The most popular? Wheels up & Net Jets. Yes, Net Jets as in the brand you kept seeing on the back of everyone’s shirts during The Open including Jason Day.

Here’s just some of the celebs who are using ‘em.

Speaking of golfers… Jordan Spieth is all about it.

Jordan Spieth

JJ Watt? Sure.

Houston Bound!!!

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Roger Federer? Well, DUH.

Erin Andrews? Well, DUH.

Enough of the sports guys & gals, how about some entertainers?

Demi Lovato? Yup.

Entourage? C’mon now.

And of course, Poshy & beau David Beckham.

You name it, they’re using it. Even TCD’s very own Ramsay is staying oh so fab flying’ high eating bacon because why the eft not when you’re on a private jet?!


Some of these riders even get sponsored.

Uhmm, anyone want to sponsor me for being purely fabulous? Like what the eff.

Looking to grab one of these exclusive memberships? Here’s where you can find ‘em:

Keep being fabulous peeps, just not as fabulous as me. Kisses.

– Hailey

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