It’s going down in the 2018 Stanley Cup

The Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals are about to throw down for the Stanley Cup.

Who would have thought?

These are two powerhouse teams that both have never won a Stanley Cup with completely different roads to get here.


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Who do you have, people?

The brand new squad of “misfits” who is making NHL history, or the franchise team that has been around for 44 years and never won a cup.

Not saying I’m psychic or anything, but I may have predicted Vegas making it this far right out of the gate when we all saw how much talent they had.

While my prediction at the beginning of the season was pretty hopeful and maybe a little far-fetched, now it’s actually happening.


The little expansion team that could

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Let’s be real — did anyone actually think that the first-year expansion team would dominate the entire league and make their way to the Stanley Cup final?

Probably not, because it’s never happened before!

An expansion team has never made it this far in NHL history. How lucky are we that we are getting to witness this?

First it was their winning record this season, then it was making the playoffs, and now they have a very good shot at taking home the freakin’ cup! WHAT?!

As crazy as it is that they have made it this far, they deserve it.

This team of “misfits” has played their hearts out to get here and clearly their hard work and talent has paid off for them.

The Golden Knights are so good, I don’t care who your team is, you have to agree that they are an incredible team. With Marc-Andre Fleury in the goal, they are unbeatable. He is seriously a ninja back there and his team can trust that he will block just about anything thrown at him, even the ones that look like shoe-in goals.

Then there is Jonathon Marchessault whose consistency, speed, and goal scoring has led his team to victory time and time again. With eight goals and 10 assists this playoffs, Marchessault is making his name known and will stop at nothing to get his team the W.

Not far behind him is his teammate William Karlsson with six goals and seven assists. This team is a solid bunch, and with the time they’ve had to rest, they are going to come out strong as ever.

Then we have the Capitals — a franchise team of 44 years and they have never taken home the Stanley Cup.

mooooooooooood #ALLCAPS

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They have come close a couple of times, but never seen the results that every team dreams of.

One of the best players in NHL history has never won a championship for himself and finally he has a shot to make his dream a reality.

Alex Ovechkin has been one of the leading scorers in the NHL, with 607 goals under his belt. This team captain has led his team to victory and finally to the big leagues in the Stanley Cup final. Ovechkin along with the rest of his team and hockey fans all over agree that he deserves a cup and now he is just a few hockey games away from his long overdue and well-deserved Stanley Cup!

Scoring 12 goals already in this year’s playoffs, he continues to lead his team to victory. Most recently, in game seven of the Eastern Conference Championship, he came out fired up and drilled a beautiful goal in the first minute of the game against Tampa Bay to put his team on top.

That is the talent and skill that has earned him his name as one of the best hockey players of all time. Along with Ovechkin, the Caps have a solid group of players who have helped this team come out on top and advance their way to the finals.

T.J. Oshie and Nicklas Backstrom are two superstars who have a combined 11 goals in the playoffs and will continue to put numbers on the board against the Golden Knights.

But how could we forget about the consistent and always impressive goaltending from Brayden Holtby who has given his team not one, but two shutouts to close out and clinch the series against the Lightning!

This team may not have any titles under their belt, but they are big, they are fast, they are so close they can taste it, and they are not going down without a fight.

Get ready, folks!

This is about to be an exciting series with some really quality hockey just the way we all like it.

There’s going to be filthy goals, unthinkable saves, and plenty of fights and trips to the penalty box. These two teams are HUNGRY for the cup and are about to leave it all on the ice.

Vegas is looking to clinch the title in their first year as an NHL team while Ovechkin and the Capitals are trying to win their first title after 44 years. No matter the result, history is going to be made in the 2018 Stanley Cup.

As for me: Yes, it would be cool to see Ovechkin finally get what he deserves, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Vegas take home the cup.

I said it once, and I will confidentially say it again, Vegas is going ALL. THE. WAY.

Some call it beginner’s luck, others say it’s annoying and they haven’t earned it yet, but I would call it talent, persistence and hard work.

To top it all off, they have a city of loyal fans backing them through it all. This fan base has never had a sports team to follow and cheer for and was given a team when they needed it most, immediately after the tragedy that hit Las Vegas on October 1st.

Furthermore, this fan base fills the arena every single game with energy and enthusiasm and has helped their team get this far.

So who will it be: the newbies or Ovechkin? It’s anyone’s cup, because hockey is a crazy sport and anything can happen.

But if it were up to me, I’d say this one belongs to Vegas!

Grab a beer, kick your feet up and let’s see how this plays out cause shit is about to go down and all of us hockey fans are PUMPED for the Stanley Cup 2018 blood bath.

— Sara

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