It’s Almost Fall, So Channel Your Inner Basic White Girl & Love Pumpkin Flavored Anything

Mmm, fall is in the air. The season of sweaters, scarves, oversized boots and all things pumpkin.
Raise your hand if you love yourself some Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes! WELL GUESS WHAT! It’s almost that time of year! And GUESS WHAT ELSE! Starbucks is now using REAL pumpkin puree in their drinks.
That’s right, in the past starbucks had used caramel coloring aka playing games with your mind! Come on Starbs, don’t play me like that!
If you’re a true Starbaholic like yours truly, you already know the date when your lips can taste the warm, happy, deliciousness that is a pumpkin spice latte. For the rest of you peasants who don’t, it’s Tuesday, September 8th. Which is my birthday… Oh the irony!
While we’re on the topic of all things pumpkin, who doesn’t love a good piece of pumpkin bread? Well I’ve found the BEST recipe for pumpkin bread, which you can try here. And don’t be a little betch and skimp out on the glaze, that’s the best part!
So cheers betches, drink up and enjoy!

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