How to Smuggle Alcohol into Events without Getting Caught

So let’s face it. Smuggling in alcohol to events can make or break an event. Especially if you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay twelve bucks for a beer. Alas, here are the best way to smuggle a ton of alcohol into events without getting caught or even suspected at the security line!

  1. The Sunscreen Flask
    Hiding booze in your sunscreen bottle comes in clutch when going to an event or concert. Especially for events like Stagecoach and Coachella where you are outside, it is so common for people to have a sunscreen bottle, that security doesn’t think to question it.
  2. The Wine Rack

    This allows you to bring up to 25 ounces of whatever alcohol you want in a place nobody will think to look because they are too busy staring at your recent growth in chest size! The only problem with this method is that it isn’t the hottest looking bra, so make sure it is hidden under a hot outfit.
  3. The Beerbelly
    If you are in the mood to rock or embrace the new trend of having a beer belly while in public (I mean, the “Dad Bod” is in,) this shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to getting through security as long as you have the right shirt to pull it off!
  4. The Binocular Flask

    Or the ultimate BEER GOGGLES?! This method allows you to bring up to 16 ounces of alcohol in each lens. IS THIS NOT THE COOLEST INVENTION YET? While also not the most attractive at least you’re bringing humor to your peers. Just make sure the event you’re going to makes sense for bringing binocs!
  5. Tampon Flasks

    BEWARE-most men might freak out at the site of these, but as soon as they realize they need a shot, all their cares go out the window! But use this male fear to your advantage and make sure a male security guard is checking out your bag, so he won’t even bother wanting to question what type of tampon your rocking in that bag. Just be careful with these suckers as they tend to spill easily if you don’t get the top on correctly! These came in CLUTCH at Stagecoach this year for us TCD gals and no security guard bothered to ask questions! ;))

These tricks are bound to work, and if they are not, then maybe you don’t need the extra drink and need to re-evaluate your smuggling skills. For real though, these tips will work, just make sure you have your poker face on and a little “Mission Impossible” mentality!

Happy smuggling people!


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