James Harden, Houston Rockets ready for blast off in March

With the 2018 NBA season drawing near to its close, its a time to reflect on this season’s burning questions.

For starters, is Golden State WarriorsZaza Pachulia a dirty player? Why does Portland Trail BlazersDamian Lillard constantly get the snub? Will Kevin Durant ever find a barber and a sturdy brush?

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Yeah! I said it. Honestly, it had to be said. It’s been four seasons and chip later, my guy.

I’ll get to those questions in future posts. For now, I want to cover the topic (or should i say team) that has been fire this entire season — the Houston Rockets.

If there is anything from basketball this season we can agree on it’s how damn good they look!

Maybe it’s because they’re riding high off the Houston Astros‘ historic World Series? Maybe it really is the beard himself?

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What is for sure is that the Rockets have been nothing short of outstanding in February. And it’s mostly thanks to the Rockets guard and MVP front-runner, James Harden.

Since the start of February, the Rockets are on a 17-game win streak. To top it off, they have the best record in the NBA.

During the streak, Houston has ranked third in quantified shot probability, a metric by Second Spectrum that measures the likelihood of a shot going down when taking into account both the shot quality and the shooter.

According to ESPN, they’ve also posted a 115.9 offensive rating in games both Harden and Chris Paul have played this season. That’s 9.3 percent better than the league average.

Now take out four additional games that Clint Capela has missed with Harden and Paul in action, and Houston is a full 10.7 percent more efficient than the average NBA team with all three players available.

Did I also mention that puts them atop the 2003-04 Dallas Mavericks for the best relative offense on record?


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I know, it’s crazy.

If that isn’t enough, not only did the Rockets top off their perfect February with a 105-92 win over the Clippers, but they also added a homicide on national television.

That’s right — you witnessed the life and death of the career of Clippers forward, Wesley Johnson at the hands of Harden.

For those of you who live under a rock and have yet to see this footage, you may want to cover the eyes of the children. Some of what you’re about to see is very disturbing.

Yikes… 😳

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Yikes is right! Someone call his momma!

*Makes sign of the cross*

With all the stars aligned, you must be thinking what does Harden think of the Rockets potential to go all the way this season? Especially with the sweet win streak the Rockets are riding.

Check this ESPN video for his response.

If you don’t think the Rockets stand a chance, feel free to join me in a friendly debate (of how I’m right) in the comments. 😉

— Nicolette

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