Highlights of The Open- On & Off the Course

This past weekend June 16-20th was the British Open, or as Britain likes to call it, The Open. This tournament is golf’s oldest tournament, being around for over 150 years. The Open was founded by pioneering golfers who had one guiding principle – to crown the Champion Golfer of the Year.

Photo: Zach Johnson Twitter

BLAH, BLAH, YADA YADA- Let’s get to the good stuff!

This year, the winner was Zach Johnson (from the United States, whoop whoop ‘MERICUH!).

No, not the Johnson dating ultra babe Paulina Gretzky, but still an American no doubt! God bless America.

It was an unfortunate loss for Jordon Spieth who has already won four times this year, including a pair of playoffs.


And if you saw that bomb of a putt Spieth made on sixteen…

Like, damn. Heartbreaker.

Moving on…

There is absolutely no way to talk about The Open without at least touching on defending champion Bubba Watson’s watch game this past weekend.

Photo: USA Today

I am literally talking about the watch you wear on your wrist game.

The 2012 Masters champion has a casual half-million sitting on his wrist, thanks to a pretty sweet deal with Swiss luxury watchmaker, Richard Mille. This watch is the same type of $525,000 watch he wore en route to the green jacket last April.

Sorry but for a half mil, weren’t you expecting it to look way more blingy or something? Maybe that’s just me…

Speaking of some serious cash, there were a lot of bets placed this past weekend. The most outrageous bet made was three million.



At the end of the day, to me, golf is just golf.

I love a good athlete, I do. And I’d love to learn how to play golf, but the likelihood of that happening is little to none (it’s an attention span thing… Is it football season yet?).

Thus, I’ll stick to drinking in the club house while my man kicks ass on the course.



Cheers to that!



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