High School Reunions- Yay or Nay?

The thing about high school reunions is you never know who you’re going to run into. And that’s part of the excitement.
Whether it’s the person reliving her glory years of high school…
The mean girl who never changed…
Or the hot person you’d walk past their locker and attempt to wave and smile but he/she never noticed…
OOOO… But that’s in the past now. Everyone has changed. Or have they?
Some NAY-sayers think there’s no need to attend this event since your Facebook friends tells you their moment-by-moment status nowadays.
But what about the nerd gone hottie that you’re not Facebook friends with? Or how about the goth kid gone Bill Gates on the world.
Yup. Totally worth it to go.
But let me make myself clear when I say we’re talking about 10 year reunions. Because five years is just not enough time and everyone is just too wasted to communicate. Take my word for it.
So face the music people it’s time to go. I mean this night only happens once every ten years. Talk to everyone you never had a chance to get to know or maybe the person you always wanted to talk to.
Here’s what you need to do:
Step 1: Grab a cocktail (or six). Time to get your tipsy on.
Step 2: Get to the event looking banging and make an entrance (duh).
Step 3: Dance. A lot.
Step 4: Now’s the time to lose your hot date (aka your gay best friend who came with you because they knew you had no one else.) Time to pick up a real one and get lucky.
Who cares what anyone thinks of you at this point! This is even a great time to mingle and network because you never know who knows or who has the right connections.
Who knows maybe you’ll even meet your future boss or soulmate? Hah. Right.
Regardless, this is a YAY.
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