Here’s a Jawbreaker- Geno Smith is OUT

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Geno Smith is OUT. And the reason why is a jawbreaker… Literally.

IK Enemkpali “sucker punched” Smith in a locker room altercation over something described to be something you might see in “sixth grade” leaving Smith with a broken jaw (two fractures) and a seat on the bench for 6-10 weeks.

According to coach Todd Bowles,

“It was nothing to do with football. … It was very childish,” coach Todd Bowles said. “He got cold-cocked … sucker punched, whatever you want to call it, in the jaw. He’s got a broken jaw, a fractured jaw.”

Let’s go over that again.

I’m sorry, but if you are Enemkpali, you are described as a MARGINAL player and you’re going to SUCKER PUNCH the to be STARTING QB. In what world did that seem like a good idea? Needless to say, Enemkpali was released immediately after the altercation.

“It was something very childish, something sixth-graders could’ve talked about,” Bowles said. “It had no reason to happen.”


But don’t worry NY Jets fans. Your precious pony boy is in high spirits. Smith channelled his inner Arnold Schwarznegger posting this selfie saying “ILL BE BACK!”

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So now the question we’re all wondering about… Who’s stepping up to the QB plate now?

The Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Bryce Petty to work with now, but really were not planning on using them this soon. Just months ago we had coach Bowles over and over reassuring Jets fans Geno Smith would indeed be there starter. But hey, this is sports- In other words, be prepared for anything. Like a marginal player sucker punching your season’s future in the face. Fabulous.

Just before the altercation occurred coaches were telling media how pleased they were with Smith’s performance in practice heading into the season. Until Monday, Smith hadn’t even thrown an interception. That’s not to say the back up QB’s are not prepared or qualified to take over. After all, let’s not go over Smith’s past season records…

Veteran back up QB Fitzpatrick will take over for the Jets, but Bowles did indicate they may be adding another QB into the mix. Cue Bryce Petty. Although Petty hasn’t been giving the best performance we’ve seen during camp, the kid is still talented.

But back to Fitzpatrick.

ryan-fitzpatrick-bad-debutThis is NOT a bad deal for the Jets at all. Yeah, I said it. Numbers never lie folks… Last season with Houston, Fitzpatrick killed it for the Texans and frankly, shamed Smith’s numbers.

Last season Fitzpatrick accumulated a career-high 56.7 Total Quarterback Rating on the strength of a 63.1 completion percentage and a touchdown-completion ratio (2.12) that ranked No. 13 in the NFL. Compare that to Smith, whose 1.0 touchdown-interceptions ratio ranked No. 30 in the league. Smith’s QBR of 44.3 ranked at a low No. 26.

See what I’m saying here? Not a bad deal at all.

Smith is one of the most inconsistent QB’s in the league. Yes, the Jets franchise is trying to prove a point as to making a decision in whether Geno is their go to guy moving forward, but it’s not too far off to say the Jets just got blessed by an angel with this jawbreaking news…

– Courtney 

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