Happy 80th Birthday Lee Corso!

The Man. The Myth. The LEGEND.

Lee Corso ladies & Gentlemen. We’ve all grown up watching him on College Game Day eagerly awaiting his prediction and more memorably, waiting for him to throw on that mascot head! Lee Corso is definitely a pioneer in the sports journalism world and boy, has he made it even more fun for spectators to watch! Not to mention he is correct with 69% of his picks. Not bad!

ESPN put together a great video montage of Corso’s years putting on the mascot head, so we wanted to share it with you peeps! Be sure to CHECK IT OUT! P.S. This is a must watch if you’re a Corso fan or Game Day fan!

I’ll never forget the time I met Lee Corso when I was working on the ESPN College Game Day set for the Alabama vs. Michigan game at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Let’s just say Lee Corso really is just as nice off camera as he is on camera. When we took a group picture together I was hesitant to get too close and with a big grin he pulled me in close next to him at the desk and said something like “Well come on over, we don’t bite!” Definitely not one of those TV characters who is to good for the “common folk” per say! Always smiling and willing to teach or show people into his world. He even signed my sleeve of my t-shirt for me. Great guy full of life and energy!

So from all the girls over here at TCD, this one goes out to you Mr. Corso! Happy 80th Birthday! Keep killin’ it and maybe even pick my SMU ponies to win one! 😉

– Courtney

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