Get Your Hick On- Why We Love NASCAR


So what’s with the recent obsession with Nascar? Why are people falling in love with the sport all over again?

First of all, who doesn’t like racing a car?

I know I personally have the hardest time going the speed limit when I’m driving. There’s just something about that adrenaline rush you get when your speedometer goes into triple digits (I mean, what? Sorry mom…) So, I guess you could say I completely understand the love of racing. But watching the races? That’s another story, and I’m still 100 percent all for it.

Do we dig the whole hillbilly vibes of the sport? Damn straight we do.

( l-r) Gale Carpenter, 41, Carrie Carpenter, 34, and Tracy Carpenter, 36, all from Sebring were in the infield and were staying cool in their own way with a kiddie pool and cooler while waiting for the start of the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, July 5, 2008. (Barbara V. Perez/Orlando Sentinel)
(Barbara V. Perez/Orlando Sentinel)

Remember those Von Dutch hats girls used to wear in the early 90’s? Yea you do. Nascar races are the perfect time to whip those bad boys out and get your hick on.

So go out, grab a beer and get your cheer on! Or even stay home, grab a beer and watch from the couch.

Either way, get a beer, throw on an old baseball cap and watch some good ‘ole NASCAR!


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