Geno Smith at Starting QB Is Still Raising Some Eyebrows


Geno Smith is currently the penciled-in starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

In other words, the squad is still counting on Smith to carry their team to victory each and every Sunday afternoon this Fall. But after last season, is this really going to be what’s best for the team? The new Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey has some great offensive additions brought on to the team for this upcoming season, but is that really enough?

According to ESPN’s QBR metric, Smith was the second WORST passer in the league (my man Russell was number twelve, just sayin’) right in front of Blake Bortles. Putting up these kinds of numbers is not going to get Smith, let alone the Jets, anywhere. Granted the team does also have Ryan Fitzpatrick, and rookies Jake Heaps (out of Washington, what what!) and Bryce Petty, who can also step up to the plate if need be.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.45.14 AMFrankly, with Petty as a fourth round draft pick out of Baylor University, why not take advantage of the new talent? If you take even just a quick glance at his stats from Baylor (see right for just a few), you can see that he has quite the resume, and these aren’t even all of his accomplishments.

The team wants to win and the team wants to succeed and at the end of the day, Smith isn’t going to be able to provide that. Smith has proven to be a fabulous quarterback in the past, but the truth of the matter is, he is no longer performing like he used to.

If the Jets want to succeed this season, they’re better off without Geno Smith.

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