The funniest, DGAF coaches in sports

Although sports is a business and for many coaches it is not only their jobs but their livelihood, you have to appreciate the coaches that don’t take themselves too seriously. Hence, they DGAF (don’t give a f***).

They know how to joke around and truly are some of the funniest human beings without even realizing it. Or they just literally don’t give a crap what anyone thinks.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the coaches who truly need no introduction and are the comedians of the sports world.

Bill Belichick:

The New England Patriots head coach lands my No. 1 funny man in sports mainly because he truly does not care about how anyone perceives him.

Not to mention, he has one of the driest senses of humor.

I believe he has no idea just how hilarious he actually is because that’s just who he is and that’s why he’s so damn funny!


  1. He’s always dressed in a ripped hoodie on the sidelines — even if it’s the Super Bowl his team is playing in.

2. When the Patriots won the 2018 AFC Championship, Belichick’s response when handed the trophy off was just straight comical. 

3. Also, there was that one time someone proved there was such a thing as a stupid question. When a reporter asked the state of Brady at the QB position and if Jimmy G might get the starting spot over him. 

4. Every time he’s asked about social media Belichick is just the gift that keeps on giving.

“Well, as you know, I’m not on SnapFace and all that, so I don’t really get those. I’m really just worried about getting our team ready to go. I’m not too worried about what they put on InstantChat.”

“I don’t Twitter, I don’t MyFace, I don’t Yearbook.”

Yes, Belichick. Yes.


Mike Leach:

The Washington State Cougars head coach somehow has an opinion for just about everything and opinions that we’re not worthy of.

It just gets me thinking, what exactly is going on in Leach’s brain? I imagine it to be something like this…

The man has too many hilarious thoughts to name them all.

I just appreciate that Leach continues to share his outrageous inner dialogue with us all. We truly are so lucky!

Enjoy my top 3 Leach moments, but please don’t hesitate to share more of the gift that keeps on giving.


1. Wedding: Leach’s reasons on why you wished you eloped are 100% accurate and priceless. Believe me, you’re going to want to watch all of this!

2. Cooling the Coffee: Coffee is hot, hence why it’s called hot coffee.

But leave it to Leach to steal the show as always while he literally blows his hot breath onto this hot coffee thinking it will cool the coffee.

Also his intense concentration.

I imagine Leach’s inner dialogue is saying, “I will keeping blowing and blowing and blowing until you are at the temperature that I need you to be… I think the hotness of this drink is cooling down. Okay, lid on, we should be good. (Sips drinks) Yup, I definitely just burnt my fucking tongue.”

3. My Chicago Cubbies: Alright, so this reason is for sure a little bias, but Leach’s response to why people choose to be Cubs fan just speaks to my heart and soul. 


Bob Huggins:

In a world where people tell you to be one thing and act a certain way, it’s just not how the West Virginia Mountaineers men’s basketball coach rolls. Which is why he’s on this list!

A sort of soft spoken man off the court, but when on the court, well, let’s just say he’s someone you really don’t want to mess with.

The man uses “fuck” like a comma which is another reason why he’s the fucking best. See what I did there?

But it’s Huggins’ monotone voice and his “Hugg-ism” that makes him so fantastic.

You just need to be smart, witty and quick enough to catch these beautiful one-liners.

Remember, it’s not always the loudest people that have the fun lines. It’s the people who make the sly comments under their breath, barely changing in pitch that are truly the ones we should all be listening to — insert Huggins.


1. ADULT TEMPER TANTRUM: That one time Huggins didn’t agree with the ref’s charge call so he literally threw himself on the floor like a toddler who’s mother just told him he can’t have his dessert unless he finishes his broccoli. 

2. Some of his best, and my personal favorite “Hugg-ism”

  • While accepting the award as the West Virginia College Coach of the year, “I’d like to thank the sports writers………That’s something I never thought I would say.’’
  • “If somebody misses a blockout,” center Jamie Smalligan said. “Huggs will just say, ‘I was dead on the floor for two minutes  (referring to his heart attack) and I could block that guy out.'”  
  • Talking about his heart attack –  “It’s the same thing you do on New Year’s Eve,” he said then.  “You say, ‘I’m going to do this,’ and about the 3rd of January you’re back doing what you did before.  I haven’t really changed all that much.  I would love to sit here and tell you that I probably eat better, but look at me.  That’s obviously not the case.”

3. On John Calipari’s cousin saving his life. 


Gregg Popovich:

What’s not to love of Pops blunt sideline answers? Seriously!

You have to appreciate a man that knows exactly how he feels and knows exactly what to say.


These sideline interviews are some of the best snarky responses from the San Antonio Spurs head coach and, therefore, act as our reasoning why he makes the list.

1. When Mark Jone learned the hard way how sideline reports go with Pop. 

2. Charles Barkley on the sideline with Pop is pure gold! 

3. Doris Burke asking Pop how to stop LeBron. 

4. Some of the best Doris Burke comeback lines with Greg Pop are truly wonderful.

If there’s one woman who is legendary on the sidelines, it’s her.

I think we are all living vicariously thru Burke in these moments.

5. And last but not least, the sweeter side to Pop when Craig Sager Jr. got the chance to interview Pop. 

There you have it folks!

These guys take the cake for obvious reasons on our list and we’re so grateful to have them for their coaching and sheer entertainment.

— Jenna

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