Floppy Hats, Cuban Cigars and Mint Juleps- We’re Talking The Belmont Stakes, DUH


Bold and Brilliant.

Two words to describe the fashion of the 2015 Belmont Stakes in Long Island, New York this year.

c2zigjMBZciBH7NKSVdAYG1EROSc6fcpv8e9uV0HNB8For those of you who are unaware, The Belmont Stakes is an all day horse racing event lasting from 11am-9pm and the spectators consist of New York’s mint julep drinking, floppy hat wearing, cigar puffing elite. Like, you might as well be in an episode of Gossip Girl (Ugh, sigh. Moment of silence to you GG, TCD still binge watches the glorious Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf on Netflix.)

So yes, being comfortable is key for a nearly 12 hour event, but with a crowd like this, you don’t want to be caught in the wrong get up.

It is tradition that women wear large, colorful and eccentric hats. Most are adorned with lace, flowers, peacock feathers, elaborate designs and every one is unique.XNAOxLhxIWdarvQ8f4UxUF-Q8_NUEtR2dxjXpeH7Lfg

Men usually opt for a more “southern gentleman” attire with bow ties, sear sucker suits, suspenders, fedoras and blazers.

This year however was a bit different, with American Pharoah having the opportunity to win the first Triple Crown in over 37 years. The name “American Pharoah” had men and women a like dressing in red, white and Pt0H3a971RVSzLp7GgExl3YDl5Z2btyoq0676d5322cblue and wearing gold Egyptian pharaoh (notice the change in spelling because we are now talking about Egyptian royalty) head dresses.

As far as race attendants, the demographic is completely widespread. The younger crowd tends to stay in the grandstand area with beers taking photos, while the older crowd stays in their seats puffing on cigars, checking their bets and reminiscing on the old days of Secretariat and Seabiscuit. But one thing is for sure, The Belmont has been around for 147 years and the fashion will ALWAYS be a tradition in it’s own right. This year however was one for the record books, if you know what I mean.  😉


Be sure to check out all the photos of my experience in TCD’s Exclusive! Behind the Scenes look at the 2015 Belmont Stakes!


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