Fabulous Females to Follow on Instagram


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities do all day? Who they hang out with? Where they vacation?

Well, thanks to Instagram, all that information comes at a click of a button. The “follow” button that is.

So exactly who are the most #fabulous female celebs to follow on Instagram?

Jessie James Decker


It is easy to be envious of this one. She’s a country singer, has bomb hair and a great fashion sense. She’s known for her cute bandanas. Not to mention, she is married to hottie Eric Decker of the New York Jets. She has an adorable one-year old daughter and a baby boy on the way! #presh

Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman


Wouldn’t it be nice to have banging bodies, be in a swimsuit all day and travel to the world’s greatest beaches? Well, follow these two and you’ll get a glimpse of how #fabulous your life would be. They created their own blog “A Bikini a Day” and they’ve been wearing them ever since!

Kim Kardashian


We’re not sure what her job title is, but her life sure is fabulous! She’s beautiful, has an adorable little girl and her #selfiegamestrong. She’s always doing some photo shoot and traveling in style. Oh, she’s also married to Kanye West and their wedding pictures are actually to die for.

Chrissy Teigen


Teigen is a Sports Illustrated model and wife to John Legend. She loves to post pictures of food, her life with John ( #swoon #lifegoals ) and throws in some behind the scene footage. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and broadcast some of her flaws – which is what we love most!



Last but certainly not least. All hail #QueenB – she is undeniably fabulous! From pictures of her daughter, outfits, vacations, music video clips, and her body, she proves to all 34.5 million followers why she is a must follow. Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z and their friends definitely do it big.

Follow up you Instagram-ers !


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