Eyes on The Prize- AP Sets Sight on Rushing Record


Scandal or talent? Let those two words resonate with you and decide which one has a more profound mental, emotional, and moral effect.

This is the situation many NFL owners and GMs were in when considering Adrian Peterson as an option for the 2015 season after his reinstatement. Yes, he may have a less than “clean” record, but those statistics are off the charts.

So is the right choice to be morally correct or is the right choice to do what you need to do to get the most wins? While it’s controversial, I agree with the Vikings choice to let Adrian Peterson back on their team.

For those of you who don’t know, Adrian Peterson was indicted for reckless or negligent injury of a child for spanking his son with a switch (similar to a stick from a plant or tree). Being from the South, I grew up with physical parent-child punishment being somewhat societally accepted. Let’s just say eyebrows wouldn’t raise if you overheard a pissed off mother say she wasn’t afraid to bend her kid over her knee for a spanking. I, myself, have had a few handprints/welts left on my ass and not in the S&M 50 Shades of Grey kind of way. And yes, I deserved them.

Also, so cliche, but everyone deserves a second chance. Even, and especially, all-star running back AP. The NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) try to use people in the public eye as examples of what not to do, and Peterson drew the short straw in this circumstance. Now, while I’m in no way an advocate for violence, I think that AP paid the price and should be allowed to return to the game.

I mean if Ray Rice is allowed to return after a two-game suspension after dragging his unconscious girlfriend by her hair out of an elevator after slapping her so hard her caked on makeup probably flew right off her face, why did Peterson get hit with almost a full season? And for those sports “fans” that try to get involved in this debate without having any analytic knowledge besides what they accidentally heard on SportsCenter while waiting for The Bachelorette to start, shut up.

Punishment in the NFL can be so contradictory and bias. Think of the Tom Brady and deflategate. Overall, it’s an unfair system that needs to be neutralized and corrected. But all in all, growing up as an AP fan, I’m glad to see him back in the purple and yellow! Now let’s talk about what he’s going to do for the Vikings this season.

8330378842_18b159c8a1_oIn his 2012 season with the Vikings, he had a total of 2,097 rushing yards, which is 252 more than the leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, had in the 2014 season. Controversial or not, you can’t argue that the 6’1 running back from Texas has talent and lightning bolts for legs. He could be exactly what they doctor ordered after the Vikes struggling, pretty brutally I might add, offensively last season.

On top of that, Peterson has the opportunity to break Emmet Smith’s all-time rushing record of 18,355 yards. He is at 10,190 yards but believes he has seven or eight more seasons left in him according to NFL.com. SEVEN or EIGHT more seasons?! Damn. AP also said he thinks he has the opportunity to break Eric Dickerson’s single game rushing record of 2,105 yards every year. Keep in mind Peterson almost broke this record during 2012 AFTER he tore his ACL.

Although Minnesota’s season prognosis is looking pretty promising, Adrian Peterson still has to fight the uphill battle of getting himself back into prime condition after being out of the game for so long. But hey, let’s be real. We have no doubt  that there is nothing a fine athletic specimen such as AP and a good attitude can’t do! So while the Vikes may have had it pretty rough last season, I’d say their dark days are over. AP, time to shine some light and steal some yards, baby!

Oh and heads up to this new information: Adrian Peterson’s wife told ESPN that she is pregnant with her and AP’s 2nd child (AP’s eighth child). Wonder if it’s going to be another star running back in the making?


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