Eli Manning and his future with the Giants

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Alright everyone, as you may or may not know, I bleed blue and red for the New York Giants.

While I will always defend my boys, I’m not a bias idiot.

The Giants had a really rough season this year. Trust me — it was not easy for us Giants fans to watch every Sunday hoping the outcome would be different.

You can say what you want, but the truth is this losing record was not Eli Manning’s fault. If you’re smart, you know that.

Injury-plagued season

The Giants had injuries across the board starting with Odell Beckham Jr. and his ankle injury in Week 5.

Then there was Dwayne Harris and Brandon Marshall not too long after with injuries of their own, just to name a few of our most consistent and reliable players.

All of them were out pretty early in the season.

And that was just the start because then Jason Pierre Paul, Landon Collins, Sterling Shepard, Tavarres King and Evan Engram all went out with different injuries that kept them from hitting the field from week to week.

The benching

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So with all that being said, how can anyone place the blame on one person?

Who is Eli supposed to throw to with all of the star wide receivers watching from the bench?

Still, the franchise and head coach Ben McAdoo made the horrendous decision to bench the face of their franchise, Eli, in Week 13 against the Oakland Raiders and opt instead to start Geno Smith.

I blame the franchise, too. There’s no way a coach can make that big of a call on his own.

Regardless — talk about poor coaching.

He lost faith in Eli halfway through the season and was more worried about his coaching career — as he should have been.

Eli’s track record

That benching decision not only ruined Eli’s streak of 210 consecutive starts, but also gave him reason to question whether he wanted to remain a New York Giant.

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Eli is adored by Giants fans, all of his teammates and coaches and has been the face of the franchise for 14 years now.

And let’s not even mention the two Super Bowl championships under his belt, both against none other than “the GOAT” Tom Brady.

With 339 career touchdowns, 4,424 career completions, two Super Bowl championships and 14 years of hardwork and commitment to one team and one team only, is that really the person you want to have questioning their worth to the team?

You can’t argue the facts people, the guy can play.

He is a classy, stand-up guy and is a role model for his entire team on and off the field.

(I know I act like I’m his best friend, but sometimes I feel like I am.)

But after all, is he not The Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient for 2017? That sums it up perfectly.

And just to remind everyone what happened when Eli was benched, the Giants still lost and coach McAdoo was fired immediately after.

But a decision like that coming from the franchise seriously had to make Eli wonder if New York was where he should stay.

Should he stay or should he go?

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Thankfully, I’m here to put those thoughts of Eli leaving New York to rest.

Eli’s contract is not up until 2020 meaning this guy has at least two seasons left in him.

And then his age might have him retiring a New York Giant because New York is his home and always will be.

The new GM, Dave Gettleman has full faith in Eli. So does the new head coach Pat Shurmur.

You know what they say, you can’t spell bELIeve without ELI.

According to Giants Wire on USA Today, Gettleman spoke with Eli and confirmed that he is on board to start as the Giants quarterback next season and deservingly so.

The Giants had issues that went far beyond just Eli, so people should really stop pointing fingers at him.

Let’s point the finger at a real problem the Giants need to fix — the O-line.

Offensive line struggles

The offensive line has been struggling for a couple of years now.

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Protect your quarterback.

It really is pretty plain and simple.

But the failure to execute that small task has really been hurting Eli & Co.

If Eli is going to be successful, his offensive line needs some work.

Head coach Shurmur hired a new staff including offensive coordinator Mike Shula and offensive line coach Hal Hunter to try and rebuild this offense and fill in the holes where needed.

Fingers crossed that some changes are made so Eli can be protected and have some time in the pocket instead of worrying about getting sacked every play.

So if you can’t already tell I have a lot to say to all of the Eli Manning haters.

So everyone can stop the chatter and stop hatin’ on my boy, because Eli Manning started a Giant and will finish a Giant.

He’s not going anywhere.

And I guess I will end by saying that if the Giants do decide to draft a quarterback with the second overall pick, that is one lucky guy to be trained by Eli Manning.

— Sara


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