Drown in the Drought! California Drought is Actually Making Better Wine


California girls, yes, we’re unforgettable.

I mean, it’s obviously the truth if Katy Perry wrote a song about it! Well, KP actually does get one thing (partially) wrong. Sh*t, I’m so sorry to go against you at the this very moment Katy because you’re one of my faves, literally. This is a rare moment in time for me.

It’s definitely warm and wild over here on the West Coast, but as of right now, it’s definitely not “wet” or “where the grass is really greener.”

Yes, we, California, are in a drought. IN THE SUMMER. 🆘

Before you get your panties in a bundle, you’ll be happy to know that I have a solution as to how we can quench our parched throats due to this drought.



Yes, wine is the solution my people. In fact, why don’t we just drown ourself in my solution? Perhaps Jesus should just come back to Earth and turn all our water into wine and in turn, solve World Peace.


Apparently this drought, one of the worst droughts in history, is actually making its wines taste better!

How you ask? Well let me get all scientific on you… When grapevines are deprived of water, the roots dig deeper into the soil to find water. This process produces smaller grapes that get more ripe, concentrated and flavorful. I’m salivating just thinking about my glass of wine right now.


Although the grapes are getting tastier, the number of grapes being produced has gone down. This might cause an obvious problem, especially for the cheaper wines aka less grapes being produced = higher wine prices people.




Because for now, the wine is better than what it’s worth. Go on and buy me a bottle or two while you’re at it, because I’m seriously parched over here.


– Hailey

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