Drink of the Week: Pink Lemonade Margarita

Who doesn’t love a delicious margarita on a hot summer day? (Or a warm Spring day, or a cold Winter day even — LOL.)

Over ice or blended, salted rim or not, house marg or skinny marg, or throw another flavor in there to really spice things up! As long as there’s tequila, we’re happy!

You can always count on your regular lime margarita for the perfect tang and a nice buzz, or even your typical frozen strawberry margarita that has you wondering if there is even alcohol in it because it is so sweet and delicious.

But friends, I’ve found a new marg to add to your list.

Once you give this drink a try you will find your little piece of Heaven!

The Pink Lemonade Margarita

(Thanks to Pinterest, Just a Pinch and Susan Day for this recommendation, because we’re in heaven.)

The ingredients are simple and the taste is to die for.


1 can of frozen pink lemonade (preferably Minute Maid)

3 cans of water (just use same can)

1 can of tequila (yes I said “can”- use the lemonade can and call it a day, the more tequila the better, people.)

½ can of Grand Marnier

1 lime

Salt for the rim


  1. Pour the thawed frozen lemonade, water, tequila, and Grand Marnier into a pitcher.
  2. Mix and let chill in the fridge for at least an hour OR put it in a blender with ice to create the frozen version.
  3. Salt the rim and place your lime wedge on the glass.
  4. Pour your finished product into your cup and sip away!

Betches love pink anything, especially a pink margarita!

This drink will have your taste buds dancing and will probably have you dancing after a few sips… We all know the power tequila has to make us just a little more confident. 😉

Cheers to tequila always having our back and to finding a cocktail that is aesthetically pleasing as it is tasteful!

Cheers, babes!

— Sara

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