Drink of the Week! Lynchburg Lemonade

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THIRSTY THURSDAY. Time for a TCD drink of the week! (But let’s be real, we don’t need it to be Thursday to find an excuse to make festive drinks.) 💁

Due to the simple fact that I live in Tennessee, it’s pretty much still summer and I refuse to drink anything but whiskey… And why shouldn’t I?! Why not throw some good ‘ole Jacky Daniels in the mix! As long as you keep your sh*t together, you’re golden. Cue our drink of the week: Lynchburg Lemonade. Or in other words, the perfect boozy lemonade to polish summer off with.

Here’s what you kiddos will need…

Shopping List:
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
Sweet and Sour Mix
Cointreau (Triple Sec)
Sprite Zero (Because really, who likes calories…)
Fresh Lemons, Limes and Oranges

Get a big pitcher- The more the merrier, obviously.

And, we’re just going to eyeball this because, quite honestly, I don’t need a measuring device to tell me how much whiskey I need… Am I right people?!

1-part Jacky D
1-part Sweet and Sour Mix (I substitute meddled oranges with lemon and lime juice for the freshness!)
1-part Cointreau
4-parts Sprite Zero

Mix it all up and then cut your lemons and limes, and stir them in!

Put ice in some glasses, and pour! Garnish with lemons and limes and you’re a Lynchburg Lemonade pro!

And when you’re south of the Mason Dixon line, when we say pour into glasses we mean generous pours into large mason jars. 😉

Drink up!

– Carly

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