DeMarco is Gone, so Where Does that Leave the ‘Boys?


Alright ladies and gentlemen, let’s be honest.

Everyone loves to talk shit on Tony Romo.

Tony_Romo_2009Regardless of whether or not his actual statistics warrant the hatred of this 6’2 QB, it can be said that the guy makes mistakes and a lot of them. Yes, I am talking about the multiple interceptions (110 in his NFL career).

So what are the Cowboys going to do without their golden boy, DeMarco Murray who single-handedly had 37% of Dallas’ total yards last season?

My response to that is: GOOD QUESTION.

I think it’s safe to say not having Romo’s right-hand man and the 2014 rushing yard leader is really going to hit the ‘Boys where it hurts: the scoreboard.

Murray tallied 1,845 yards rushing last season and now they’re left with… Joseph Randle and Darren Mcfadden.

Uhm, hate to break it to the ‘Boys but that’s to going to cut it.15081313208_cb4d39e138_o

But hey, rumor has it Ray Rice be heading into town to do work on the field. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t bet against Jerry picking a controversial player that has the possibility to bring even more spotlight to the Cowboys.

But let’s state the facts here of what needs to happen: Romo, it’s time to sack up and stop crumbling under pressure. Jerry Jones, it’s time to pay up and get Dez Bryant locked into a contract.

That talent is better than a franchise tag.


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