Date Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of


Out with the old, in with the new!

Instead of dinner and a movie (although that’s never a bad idea) try spicing up your date night with one of these fun and flirty ideas!

  1. Cooking class. Cooking_Class_at_Mozaic_(8056044088)Go to a local one or find one that can come to you! Your date will surely be impressed with your skills and a yummy dinner. After all, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
  2. Zoo. San_Diego_Zoo_Safari_Park_roadside_sign_2014Can you really think of a better date than walking around all day looking at cute animals? Me neither.
  3. Painting and wine class. 9091033890_fd07b36f2a_bExactly what it sounds like. With step by step instructions your painting will look like a masterpiece. If not, at least you’ve got wine. And a date.
  4. Game night. 4455982556_688a94ca3a_bPull out some old-fashioned board games and have a game night. Twister could get interesting, especially after a couple of drinks. You can also take it outside of the house and try an arcade like Dave and Busters.
  5. Camping. 14707566622_57dd7b58a8_kTent, sleeping bags, fire, scary stories and s’mores. You can even make this a double date! If you don’t actually want to be out in the wilderness, pitch a tent in someone’s backyard. I promise, from experience, it will be just as fun!

Have fun and be adventurous! Remember at the end of the night it’s all about who you’re with, not where you go, so if you’re a gamer they will be too!


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