Club W… Stands for #Wine #Winning or Both?



For someone so familiar with wine like myself, I was completely UNFAMILIAR with Club W until checking out the site and boy was I pleasantly surprised. To update you, you may have seen advertisements for Club W via Facebook.

Their slogan: Quality Wine. No middleman. Saving YOU money.

Photo: Club W

The idea is simple: You fill out six simple questions about flavors that you like, Club W gives you
recommendations and then you receive monthly shipments of wine that you are guaranteed to love- amazing right?
I filled out my own “palate profile” and questions ranged from how I like my coffee, preferences on salt or citrus and how adventurous I am with food and drink.

Here are my results: (NOT A SINGLE BOTTLE IS OVER 13$—HELL I’LL TAKE ALL OF EM’ 😉 )

It was a nice mix of reds and whites and I decided to order three:

1. Laughing Owl Chardonnay

2. Invoke Syrah

3. “Pacificana” Sauvignon Blanc

They also had really cute labels and bottles that I save as flower vases or “Pinterest” inspired candle holders around the house. Once you make your selections it gives you food pairings and recipes to match your wine! You also get 50% off the total of your first purchase as a new customer… So I’m thinking it really can’t get much better than this.

Photo: Club W

Only CON’s or negatives would be that the wine arrives via Fed Ex and the orders ship within two days and you must sign for your wine. (I suggest shipping to a home address where someone is available at all times or to an office!) Also, the wines do arrive warm (sometimes warmer than what the normal temperatures wines should be stored at.) Not that I’m picky or anything. And hate to break it to ya, but Club Dubyah isn’t in some states. They are unable to ship to the following states: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, PA, RI, SD and UT.

But hey for the lucky folk like me in shipping range, ORDER UP!


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