Caitlyn Jenner Having Problems with Her Golf Course Membership

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Goodbye Bruce Jenner, and HELLO Caitlyn Jenner!

Now that Bruce Jenner has transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, SHE is having a difficult time with HER golf membership at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA.


Bruce Jenner golfed at Sherwood Country Club practically everyday and became extremely close with
the other male members of the club. According to TMZ, “now that Bruce is Caitlyn, the rules partially segregate her from the male members.”

Aka segregate her from the men’s only bar. Aye carumba. Golfing is one thing, but golfing without getting to stop in the bar… Just, why?

This must be a difficult transition for Bruce. Do you think Caitlyn should be able to have the same privileges she had when she was Bruce? Let us know on social media!

Clearly what GOLF stands for “Gentlemen’s Only, Ladies Forbidden” really is showing some merit in this case. Sheesh, what is this the stone age?


Can’t wait to see how this dilemma turns out!

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