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A coach’s daughter, in any movie, becomes the sweetheart that is loved (or wanted) by all, and is completely, and literally, untouchable. Every coach takes care of their team. They are a mentor, a trainer, an instructor, a counselor, an encourager, and the list goes on. So imagine how that team leader is with his own daughter.

It’s innate for a father to be extremely protective of their daughters, and to make sure they are given everything, taught everything, and shielded from any danger (that is, horny high school boys), and they are the center of their daddy’s world. In a coach’s case, their daughter is going to grow up on the sidelines watching and learning the game and surrounded by players in the process so, in a lot of ways, she is the center of the team just as much as the coach is.

Even though it goes without saying, the two most iconic coach’s daughters of all times are Julie Taylor in Friday Night Lights TV Series and Sherly Yoast in Remember the Titans. Let’s review:

Sheryl Yoast (Hayden Panettiere) in Remember the Titans


Because who doesn’t fall in love with that curly hair cutie in this INSANELY incredible movie? She has more football knowledge than some ESPN analysts and could make a state-champion offense look like PeeWee football if someone put the coach’s hat on her! She’s her dad’s cheerleader and side-kick and in my opinion, she wins MVP because she managed to have every single player wrapped around her little finger. My dream was to be on the sideline in the behind-the-scenes action just like this mini-firecracker and any girl that can hold her own in football talk is obviously the best in my book!

Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) in Friday Night Lights TV Series


A sport’s movie is just a testosterone fueled story until you add the “forbidden fruit” that is THE COACH’S DAUGHTER. It’s a pretty well-known fact that all men want what they can’t have and what is more off-limits than the coach’s daughter. You know how it goes, the more off-limits she is, the better she looks, and the stronger that desire to get her in the back seat of your car… I mean out to dinner and a movie. But seriously, when it comes down to it, what guy isn’t going to fantasize about doing the dirty with “daddy’s little girl” aka the coach’s daughter? And what better person to play out this classic role than the uncorrupted blonde bombshell Aimee Teegarden? She may be innocent but she has looks that kill! CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS. Ugh we miss FNL.

Also can we pause on how grown up both of America’s little sweethearts have grown up to be….
Like okay…

   Hayden Panettiere                           Aimee Teegarden 

729px-Hayden_Panettiere_2_(7559605366)            Aimee_Teegarden_by_Gage_Skidmore

All in all, being a coach’s daughter is pretty legit. You get free tickets, learn the game at a level most people never get the opportunity to and get to see the process of the game unfold beyond the audience-filled match up. I mean, who would complain? So for all of you coach’s daughters out there, let me know if you ever need a sister! I’m over this whole being an adult thing…


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 1.33.10 PMAdrienne Kiss

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