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Back in my college days, (it really wasn’t that long ago so don’t act like I’m super old), the frat stars would love to get themselves a pet. And, most of the time it happened to be a dog.

One would wonder why a guy would decide to buy a dog while living in a fraternity house or a house full of guys that should be deemed as a frat house or brothel. Well, the answer became quite obvious to us sorority girls. It’s really genius when you think about it.

What girl doesn’t like puppies? These guys were just trying to reel in chicks. I even asked my guy friends if that was the truth of it all, and they told me I had “nailed the hammer on the head.” And hey, we’re not complaining!

“Man’s best friend” as the common world calls it. I must say that my sister and I have superhuman dog whispering capabilities, but that’s another story.

Now, if you think you’re ready for a dog… Take a peek at my short list of breeds to see which will suit you well:

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers, otherwise known as “labs”, are super outgoing, friendly and active dogs. The lab has actually held the title of being THE most popular dog 24 years in a row. The #1 most popular dog in America? If that’s not proof of proud ownership, then I don’t know what is.


Oh, how I love a good Boxer. Apparently so does America, being that the Boxer is ranked as the 8th most popular dog. These dogs offer such a fun-loving, playful and protective personality. Got kids? GAME-CHANGER: Boxers are known for their “desire for human affection, especially from children.” I have owned a couple Boxers myself, so I recognize the “love me, care about me, pet me, smother me” little mug of theirs. AKA, it’s quite normal if they put their head under your hand forcing you to pet them or just resorting to sitting in your lap despite the fact they are far from a lap dog. These dogs are also quite active, so you can be sure to get some good cardio in with them.

Golden Retriever

How about the Golden Retriever? I feel like every California girl recognizes the Golden Retriever, since they are one of the few to enjoy getting in the pool. This breed is known to be intelligent, friendly and devoted. Golden Retrievers are quite active and need to get regular exercise. They are the third most popular dog on the AKC list.

German Shepherd

Need a smarty pants? A dog that can herd? One of your first breeds to look at will be the German Shepherd. Not only are these dogs smart, but they are courageous and confident. They are a fun-loving and energetic breed. Another pro: these dogs love to be around children, especially after they have established a relationship with the child. Those are just a few of the reasons that these dogs are the second most popular in America.

Great Dane

The Great Dane, or as some like to call it, the gentle giant. Simply put, these dogs get BIG. So, if your in an apartment with 1,000 sq feet or less, I am going to ask that you have the decency to not put a Great Dane through that misery. However, that’s not to say these aren’t good lounge around, stay at home dogs. Because the breed is so large these lovers like to spend most of their time snoozin’.

Boston Terrier

You looking for a clever, friendly charmer? You need a Boston Terrier. These dogs sometimes even look like they are wearing a tuxedo, and were granted the nickname “American Gentleman.” Can you say charming? After owning my own Boston Terrier, I have seen how these dogs may be too smart for their own good. Boston Terriers are “happiest sharing time and activity with their owners.” 

French Bulldog

Looking for a not-so-active dog? We know, it’s too hard to leave a pro-cardio lifestyle. Sometimes we just need to LOUNGE. HALLELUJAH, please welcome the French Bulldog into your life and your humble abode. These characters add personality & light up any room. Frenchies are playful, yet smart. They just need the air-conditioning and are recognized as indoor dogs. And hey, no one is opposed to some air-conditioning and lounging during some hot summer days.

Now, if you aren’t satisfied with the information I gave you, or think I am biased, why don’t you go take the Pedigree survey for yourself betches!


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