Best Cocktails to Order when You’re Dieting but Don’t Want to Look like a Priss


Let me start with a warning that this article is geared to anyone that wants to look hot while they’re drinking and after the drinking is over. You’re going to order that drink like a boss and keep you’re figure while you’re at it. No one wants to be the “I’ll take a skinny vodka Splenda yadda yadda.” Now, if you’re the person continuously waking up in a Taco Bell wrapper and/or vomit in your hair, my tricks can only go so far to help you.

For starters, here is a general rule of thumb: go for the clear alcohols. Darker alcohols, most of the time, contain more sugar that is harder for our body to breakdown. If you can’t think of some, here are some simple go-to’s:

  1. Rum & Diet Coke (with lime)
    My personal favorite. It’s MY go-to. Ask anyone that knows me. Even Mr. Atkins himself approves of this beverage for his low-carb diet! This drink is zero carbs. If that’s not proof, I don’t know what is!
  2. Vodka Soda (with lime/lemon)FullSizeRender-4
    Sure, this drink may sound girly to some readers. But, let’s be real. It’s simple and to the point. AKA hard liquor & chaser. You’re basically taking a shot. Hardcore cred? I think so.
  3. Tequila Water (with lime/lemon)
    Okay, you’re hardcore. There’s no time to mess around. Let’s cut to the chase. I notice that bartenders even freeze for a second when you order one of these. I mean, it’s hard to process those words coming out of my Barbie pink painted lips. AKA you’re now the genius that is dehydrating & hydrating your body at the same time. The guy standing next to you holding his “Coors Light” is cringing inside, since he now looks and feels like the priss. Or if you really want to face the music just go with the straight tequila shot.
  4. Bloody Mary
    Spice it up! Doesn’t everyone know by now that spicy food can boost your metabolism? Why wouldn’t you burn some extra calories while drinking them?



This sure as hell isn’t a cocktail recipe book, but it is a few drink ideas to keep in mind in order to help you avoid any tight (literally suffocating in your high waisted jean short) situations. Take my advice or leave it, either way enjoy getting wasted!

– Hailey

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