Analyzing top 5 QBs in 2018 NFL Draft

There are 138 days until NFL Kickoff!

But who’s counting?

If you’re as stoked as I am about the return of the NFL season this fall, then you for sure are looking forward to the NFL draft.

Who’s your favorite team going to pick up? Will they be a star or will they be a bust?

College football season came to an exciting close earlier this year when Alabama beat Georgia in the National Championship and since then most guys have spent long hours training in hopes of impressing scouts from teams around the NFL for this very day.

To hear their name called by commissioner Roger Goodell and take that walk up to the podium is a life changing moment for these dudes. Best day ever, am I right?

For the first time in 19 years, five quarterbacks are likely to be picked in the first round. And let’s be real, everyone’s going to have their eyes on this year’s star-studded QB class.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of the top 5 QB prospects in this year’s draft…

Sam Darnold, USC Trojans QB

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Safe to say, this guy is the talk of the town — but is he the real deal?

Pros: This guy has the size, arm talent and poise to be a star NFL QB. His ball placement on catch and run throws is outstanding. Darnold thrives in chaos and is cool in the clutch.

Cons: He has to take care of the football. He’s a little inexperienced and has inconsistent mechanics. Because of his long arm motion it takes him awhile to get the ball out of his hands. Darnold needs time to correct his turnovers, mechanics and footwork. He could go No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns and well, we all know how that goes in Cleveland (they’ve had 28 different quarterbacks since 1999.)

Josh Rosen, UCLA Bruins QB

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Another guy out of sunny So Cal, but a Bruin.

Pros: Rosen has great footwork, good accuracy and is the most technically proficient out of all 5 QB’s. Intelligence and mechanics are in place for Josh.

Cons: There have been questions about his leadership and his love of the game. Coachability has also been a concern. His deep ball accuracy isn’t great and he takes a lot of sacks due to his unwillingness to check down and move on to the next play.

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma Sooners QB

Boomer Sooner, baby!

Pros: Mayfield’s deep ball accuracy and decision making are good. He has good arm strength, ball velocity and solid mechanics. He has the ability to throw from multiple platforms and on the move. Baker is one of the most accurate passers in this draft, has excellent mental processing and can digest plays quickly. Did I mention he’s got a Heisman trophy under his belt?

Cons: Well, let’s start with this — the guy definitely has an attitude. I mean, did you see his fit during the Kansas game last year? Beyond that, Mayfield will have to prove he’s not a product of the Air Raid system and can excel against tighter coverage. Side note: My dad thinks he’s gonna be a huge bust and I heard the Broncos might be interested in drafting him. If he proves to be a bust and he’s on my Broncos — insert balling crying, sad face emoji.

Josh Allen, Wyoming Cowboys QB

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Up next we have a QB out of Wyoming (a school I don’t want to know anything about because their colors are brown and gold).

Pros: This guy has the physical prototype for pocket passers. He has great size, a huge arm, mobility and athleticism. He eagerly attacks tight windows along the sidelines. Because of his size, Allen can endure hits and shed would-be tacklers, very Ben Roethlisberger-ian. Few, if any, QB’s have possessed arm strength like Allen.

Cons: Something that is giving teams pause is Allen’s low completion percentage, he has to throw with better anticipation for better completion rate.

Lamar Jackson, Louisville Cardinals QB


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Say hello to another Heisman winner and Louisville Cardinal.

Pros: Jackson is my pick of these guys. He’s the ultimate playmaker and has the ability to beat teams with his arms and legs. Jackson is electric with the ball in his hands and a straight up nightmare for defensive coordinators. On the run, he’s accurate and competent. When this guy escapes the pocket, it’s a DISASTER for the defense. Not since Michael Vick have we seen a QB with Jackson’s level of athletic ability and play-making potential.

Cons: He misses simple throws and hasn’t proven he can avoid hits outside the pocket. His mechanics can cause him issues. He doesn’t drive the ball off his back leg which forces the ball to sail, especially over the middle.

If you’re single (like me), I hope this guide helps you hang with the guys in conversation about the draft.

Being a starting QB in the NFL is arguably the best job in pro sports, and these guys all have the potential to become one.  That excitement alone is enough to tune in on April 26th to see what happens.

Not to mention, the draft offers all the feels.

We can only hope for some Bachelor type drama, if we’re lucky we might even see some tears!

— Alex


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