A-Rod: Breaking Records but Not Bank?


When people think of Alex Rodriguez, some words that might come to mind include (but not limited to): liar, cheater, chump, choke artist and some other words that are certainly not appropriate. In short, they see baseball’s biggest monster, who happens to play for baseball’s Evil Empire. Long gone are the days that we looked at A-Rod as the young prospect from Miami ready to break some serious records in the big leagues. However, if any attention has been paid to the Yankees since the return of Mr. Rodriguez, he is doing exactly that: breaking records.

Since Rodriguez has returned to the league after a long investigation and a year suspension, he has been a non-stop train to a successful year in baseball. According to Baseball Reference, his OPB since becoming DH is one of the best in the league standing at .358 with 137 at bats and a batting an average of .255. Facing the Yankees’ biggest and oldest rival, the Boston Red Sox in Fenway, Rodriguez hit the 661st home run of his career, moving him ahead of Hall of Famer, Willie Mays. Now with A-Rod on his next quest to surpass another Yankee legend, Lou Gehrig, in RBI numbers (1,993), people must begin to think, how much bank is Rodriguez making right now due to his record breaking performance of a year so far, and the answer is none really.

In 2007, Rodriguez signed a 10-year, $275 million contract that contained a marketing agreement. The agreement is separate from his player contract stating that the Yankees had the right to designate a “milestone” valued at $6 million for each occurrence. Unfortunately for the 39 year old, he has reaped none of his rewards. According to MLB.com, New York Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, has made it very clear that the Yankees do not plan on paying Rodriguez for his “milestones” due to their obligation not to. The organization has been reluctant to pay A-Rod due to their inability to truly profit off his “milestone” achievements. Cashman said in a presser with the MLB back in early May, “We have the right but not the obligation, in quotes, and it’s as simple as that…if we choose to pursue something, we’ll choose to pursue it. If we choose not to, it’s our right not to. In both cases, we’re honoring the contract.”

The truth is, everyone seems to be loving A-Rod all over again. The #FORG1V3 t-shirts have been selling like churros at DisneyLand and fans can be seen wearing them throughout Yankee Stadium. It sounds like Rodriguez is regaining his reputation and should probably take a key from Rihanna and ask for what’s owed to him.

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez watches a popup in the first inning against Daniel Cabrera of the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday June 28, 2007 in Baltimore.


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