A New App for You Peeps to Download: SWEEBLE


As we all know, social media just continues to keep growing and growing, and guess what? We got another app hitting the scene that you should probably download as well.


This app, seen by the cute little blue jellyfish, is similar to instagram in the fact it is a photo and video sharing app, however it works a little differently. On Sweeble, you can like things just as you would on instagram, but the way you do so is represented by the amount of time you hold down on the photo.

_MG_9335So if you hold down on say, Johnny Appleseed’s photo for 10 seconds vs. one second the heart will grow to be much bigger, therefore making your like worth something greater. You know on Facebook when we like something and we’re like I wish I could like this 10 times, Well, that’s the idea here.

You can like something more than what you’re limited to on other profiles. Just make sure you get as much liking as you want when you first like a post, because once you’ve liked it for however amount of time, you’ve already liked it.

Just like other social media outlets, on Sweeble you can follow your friends or total randos including that blonde babe you secretly stalk and accidentally like 150 week old photos of. Yeah, she and her brunette babe buddy are on there too.

For all you serial-posters, you’ll like the fact that the casualness of posts on Sweeble falls somewhere in between Snapchat and Instagram, so post away! There’s no judgments on here for posting more than once a day.

So why should you download Sweeble over these other up and comers in the social media world? Let’s ask the President Jason Zucari himself…

“Time is our most valuable resource, and why not use that as a metric to show how much you like your friends and families posts. For the first time on social media we can truly measure the degree of how much we actually like our social content, vs. a single binary “like”.” – Jason Zuccari, Sweeble President & Co-Founder.

Not to mention Sweeble throws some dope AF parties!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.47.29 PMDon’t believe me? Just watch!

Check out the BTS look TCD got when we covered the Sweeble and Arsenic Magazine party in the Hollywood Hills last week. Straight fire.

Side note, have you seen Arsenic Magazine’s Snapchat story lately? UHM, let’s just say it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!

Definitely a follow decision you won’t regret. Well, unless you hate babes and boobs and are a communist.

Back to Sweeble!

The meaning of the jelly you ask?

“There is a type of jellyfish called Turritopsis Dorhrnii which is immortal. The liking system on Sweeble is based on how long you touch something. And similar to a jellyfish, the longer you touch or hold down on Sweeble the ore intense of a like it is. And if people aren’t liking your sh*t on Sweeble, people say why you jelly?” – Barrett Barnes, Sweeble CMO.

So why so jelly betches?!

Go download Sweeble and find the TCD girls on there! Give a girl some time and show some love! 😉

– Courtney

4xoo_DISSo2IRKGnMyjUlkzyWu_wdWqpOqUiQu7__kgCourtney Kiss

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