Is Philly the best sports town right now? 

With the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl and the Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball team winning their second title in just three years, fans have begun to debate if Philly is the best sports town right now. 

Well my name is Nicolette and I’m here to firmly say that the answer is, no.

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The reality of it is — they’re just trendy right now.

Before you go and rip me to pieces in the comments, I ask you to gather ‘round children, because I guarantee you by the end of this article, you will have seen the light too. 

FIRST, I’d like you all to think back when no one really ~knew~ the Golden State Warriors.

Oh, yes — there was a time when this was true.

Stephen Curry was on the team, but he wasn’t garnering any attention.

Then suddenly Curry has a breakout season in 2015 AND leads the team to their first title since 1975 then EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) was wearing Warriors gear like they had just discovered the colors yellow and blue.

Now those same “fans” are just unimpressed with them.

Do y’all remember that?! Welp, this is the same exact instance.

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Are the Philadelphia 76ers hot right now? YES! 

BUT the 76ers have yet to make a solid run in the playoffs since Allen Iverson led them to the finals against the S T A C K E D Los Angeles Lakers in 2001 and honestly, losing Joel Embiid has only made their chance in the playoffs nothing more than a hoop dream.

I’m sorry, but Ben Simmons is NOT going to carry this team alone and that’s the real tea.

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Now you might say, “But Nic, what about the Eagles?” 

The Eagles won their first championship since the introduction of color tv (I’m serious) and congrats! But let’s all be honest here, it’ll also probably be their last for a while.

Just based on the way the NFL is set up, its nearly impossible to make back-to-back runs unless your name is Tom Brady.

Listen, I’d hate him too if the Giants didn’t always beat him.
PS: Yes, I know other quarterbacks have done the same, but c’ mon — look at him. He makes it too easy. 

Villanova winning was fantastic and this win was actually the university’s second title in three years (get it together Marquette), BUT I wouldn’t count it as a win for Philly as March Madness is unpredictable.

If that’s your argument, you could also call Connecticut a title town with the insane amount of titles Geno Auriemma has with the UCONN women’s basketball team. 

What I’m saying is this: Philly has potential but they’re not there yet. Think of all the places that have been donned as “title town,” Now look at Philly…

The proof is in the patty, ladies and gentlemen.

I rest my case. 🙂

— Nicolette


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