16 things I’m loving from Amazon

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an Amazon addict.

How could you not be?

Everything you could possibly need is just a click of your fingers away.

I’m always finding cute gifts or everyday supplies I need, so I’ll share with you my favorite things on Amazon I’m loving right now.


Attention wine-o’s! I got a few things for you whether it’s for yourself or a unique gift.

Air pressure wine opener

This wine opener is fun to use!

Plus, it’s way easier than a normal wine opener. It also comes with some valuable accessories like a wine pourer, foil cutter and vacuum tight stopper.

Definitely makes for a good gift for your fellow wine-o.

Wooden wine puzzle

I got it as a gift for a couple families, and it has been a hit!

I gifted it to them while on a nice bottle of wine.

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard so you might want to keep the mini booklet that gives you instructions if you fail to figure it out with simply brain power.

It’s aesthetically cute on people’s bar tops or counter, plus it makes for a fun conversation and challenge with the people you are with, so that you can get to the wine!

Wine tote

This wine tote is cute and functional. It’s perfect for picnics, or outdoor parties -like tailgates, etc!

You can fit two bottles in it. Oh, and no need to worry about all the accessories like wine glasses and the opener.

This tote comes with two wine glasses, and a wine opener. Even better, the bag actually has spots for those accessories to keep them latched on and easy to find.

Pop bottles!

Dog toys

Alright how about another love in my life — my dog! Where my pup mama’s at? Here’s my go to’s for miss Lacy girl.

Chuckit! balls

I’m so thankful for these “Chuckit!” Balls for my dog!

She has so much fun playing with these and they’re basically indestructible! Especially these “whistler” balls that whistle in the air as you throw them.

Plus, my sister’s dog Boone loves playing with them too with Lacy.

Fun for the whole fam — hip, hip, hooray!

Interactive dog toy

Watching my dog and her bestie try to figure this out is pretty hilarious.

But I feel like it’s a good little brain teaser for them, trying to get the squirrels out.

Needless to say, they love it. And I love taunting them with these little squeaky squirrels.


I’m a huge advocate of workouts and health and recently I’ve been loving yoga! These two things have been crucial when it comes to getting a sweat in.

Hot yoga towel

This towel has made my hot yoga sessions a dream! It’s sleek on the mat, so it isn’t a bother.

Plus, it really absorbs all that sweat coming off me during those sessions.

Sorry to go there, but I had to so y’all know!

Bluetooth headphones

These headphones work great and were SO EASY to set up.

I love working out with these puppies because my hands don’t have to hold my phone close enough, etc.

I can put my phone in my pocket and focus on the workout in front of me. Plus, they say that these can go three months without a charge!

Talk about a wireless situation!

Health & Food

Again on the health note, here’s some of my fave additions to the kitchen.

High protein peanut butter

If you know me, and read my previous article about my love of peanut butter, you know it’s more like an obsession.

These peanut butters were featured on Shark Tank and are so rich in flavor.

These peanut butters are made to be high in protein, in comparison to traditional peanut butters.

The Maple Pretzel flavor is my favorite so far, but I have also tried the Salted Caramel.


This spiralizer is every low carb dieters dream come true.

I love making zucchini noodles 🍝 with some meat sauce and meatballs! YUM!

There are so many veggies you can spiralize like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, so the possibilities are almost endless.

I have also made (not necessarily low carb) spiralized hash browns with warmed spinach and an over easy egg!

You can truly get some photo worthy egg porn with that one! 🍳

Sugar free chai latte

This sugar free chai — yes, I just said SUGAR FREE — is life.

I do an equal ratio of the chai to almond milk. You can heat it up, or drink it on ice.

Sip, sip, hooray. ☕

Beauty & Fashion

You wouldn’t think necessarily to go to Amazon for clothes, shoes, beauty supplies or makeup, but once again, Amazon has you covered.

Makeup brushes

I’m in love with these makeup brushes. They’re so pretty!

What I really love, is that they’re all together in this hard carrying case.

Makes it so easy for me to pack up just knowing I need to remember the two things: makeup bag, makeup brushes. ✅ 💄

24K gold eye masks

Umm — can you say 24 karat magic? These are insanely cheap and do wonders.

I usually do a face mask once or twice a week, and these are a regular item for me now. I even bring these on vacations.

They’re great for the night that you may have one too many glasses of wine and your eyes are a bit puffy the next morning.

VUAH LAH – you’re cured. Thank me later for recommending these babies. ✨

Sorel boots

These boots make for a cute statement! But, Sorel isn’t made to be cute for a couple wears.

These boots are made for rain, snow, sleet and a zombie apocalypse combined. J.K. — just minus the zombie apocalypse.

The traction is great for me, considering I’m know to have banana peel type of falls every once in a while.

And shoutout to the short girls, these have a wedge in them! HALLELUJAH we don’t have to look short, and puffy in all that snow gear!

Other fun goodies

Phone case and car mount

I consider these items as one, since they go hand in hand.

I bought this magnetic phone holder for your car with this phone case! Talk about AMAZING!

Phone case

First of all, the phone case has a magnet and a ring on it that makes it easy to hold your phone. Basically acting as a pop socket, if you will.

Plus, this case has a solid amount of protection for my new and beautiful iPhone 8+.

Magnetic car mount

As for the magnet, you don’t have to have this phone case to work with the magnet, since you can buy just the magnet for any phone case.

The phone holder has really worked well holding my phone in car, and makes it easy for song selection, or simply knowing where my phone is at all times.

Book: Tools of Titans

My friend recommended this book to me and I have to say it is pretty interesting.

The book takes you through the habits of various business people, celebrities, and successful individuals.

Can you say motivation? But speaking of motivation — this book is thick! So be motivated yourself to get through it!

Well, now you’ve got an insight to my routine — eat, workout, play with my dog and drink wine. LOL, I won’t even deny it.

Sounds like goals if you ask me…

Happy shopping!

— Hailey

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