13 ways to cut your tees for game day

Let’s just start with the obvious.

I feel like Andie Anderson, “how-to girl,” from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days writing this article.

There are several ways to play up, or shall I say cut, your tees.

Let’s start with the basic deep V.

The Deep V Tee

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

So the deep V can go a number of ways. But to make the basic deep V as seen above, start with the basics to begin. Then we will get fancy.

First thing is first: Turn your shirt inside out, take a pencil and ruler and mark where you think you would like your V to go. You can even do the pencil process on the front of the tee, because if you mess up, it will wash off! CLUTCH! But if you need it that day, we get it.

I recommend starting from the collar, depending on how wide you want the V to be. If you want the full effect, you would cut the collar off too. Then try the shirt on and see if the pencil V is hitting right where you want it to.

This is your chance to make sure you’re not going to be having constant nip slips while wearing your newly cut tee. Once you have tried it on, and like where the pencil marks are lining up, snip snip!

Here’s some more variations of the Deep V…

The Triangle V

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

For the triangle V, you can keep the collar and cut below it so you have a triangle cut.

If you’re avoiding nip slips and falling off the shoulder sleeves, the triangle cut works well.

The Lace Up V

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Something you can always add on to the deep V, is the decorative lace up appeal.

I would recommend buying some grommets from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, to make it look more profesh.

Strategically place one grommet where the middle of the v is, and then two across from each other on the way up the v.

Then, you can take a shoelace, or ribbon, and pull it through all the grommets. Going for that grungy, sexual vibe.

The Low Arm Deep V

(Photo credit: Instagram/@hschellin)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Pretty simple variation from the V…

Just cut off the sleeves, cut the arm pits low like Courtney did in our pic.

You can even cut them all the way through and tie the bottoms like in the other photo.

The Deep V Tie

(Photo credit: Instagram/@izzyhecht)

For this baby, cut off your sleeves and follow same instructions for the deep V.

Now, cut the V all the way through to the bottom of the shirt.

Tie it up and cut off the extra left overs on the tie and you’re good to go.

Also can we give some serious props to the little lady on the right, too!

Now that’s an original game day outfit, folks.

The Open Back

The open back cut also comes with many variations.

Plus, open back tops are always a hot trend. They’re great for if you want to show some skin, or a cute bralette you are wearing.

The Full Backless

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

You really can make this cute on any game day tank, tee, or long sleeve. And you can do it in so many different ways.

Like the girl above went ham with her scissors to make this fun halter-like, backless cut, keeping the collar intact to hold it up.

But, as for the basic backless tee — get out a pencil to mark up you tee.

Think the exact same thing we did for the Triangle V on the front, but now you’re doing it in the back.

Once you’ve penciled it up, then try it on to see if the scoop is landing where you would like it to.

If it is, cut away!

The Halter Back Top

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

OK, lady. Get ready to do some serious marking up and snipping.

Off come the sleeves first. Then follow just below the collar (leave some extra fabric) and cut the back out down to where your shirt would sit at your lower back.

From here, you can cut it closer in towards your chest in the front and sides.

Now would be the time to crop it if you’re feeling that, like in our second pic.

Lastly cut the collar off and use that small piece of fabric you left under the collar as your new halter tie.

The Off the Shoulder

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Let’s thank the eighties for this style.

Here we have the classic, off the shoulder top.

Don’t get too bold and cut off too much or else it won’t stay on!

Trust me, not a mistake you want to make. Take piece by piece off basically cutting the collar “hole” bigger and bigger (slowly!) so you don’t go too big too quickly and are unable to fix.

The Crop Top

Ah, you had to know this one was coming in the lineup at some point.

The Straight Up Crop

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Do you really need instructions for this one?

Just cut the dang thing in half where you want it to land on your stomach.

The Tie Front Crop

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

For a crop top that you tie in a knot (in the front), you will start by cutting off part of the back of the shirt. You will cut off the portion that will now be your skin exposed.

Next, fold the front part of the shirt left over into two triangles. Then, cut the folded fabric triangles and a slit up the triangles so you can easy tie.

That sounds complicated but it’s not… See here for a better visual!

The Bandeau Crop

(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Calling all the bold, ready to bare it all!

You’re basically cutting out the logo portion of the tee you like and creating a straight across bandeau.

If it’s a tight top, great — just cut the logo portion of the tee you want straight across your tee through both sides of fabric.

If it’s a big tee, do the same thing as above, but then cut the back fabric in half and tie the top so it fits snug.

The Fringe Crop

(Photo credit: Instagram/@hannahkmorrissey)

Another spin on the crop top is fringe!

All you need to do is decide how much skin you want your top to show. Then, from the bottom of the shirt, cut vertical straight lines to stop in the same area.

Festive and fun!

The babe in this pic took it to a whole new level with her bandeau style fringe! You can obviously just go with the regular cut for less skin showing, too.

Another clap for the lady on the left rocking her all white ensemble with the tiny knot tie up.

The Distressed Cut

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

To distress any top, you simply rub sandpaper to the top. This will give you the distressed and edgy holes to can help make a shirt look a little more aged.

The only thing you have to be careful of is, is where you distress it. Hence, you may not want holes in the nip slip area (LOL).

Another tool you can use to distress shirts, are pummus stones!

Otherwise if you want to go full distressed look, just make some cuts! The girl in this pic went for an almost checkered cut look while the other has the bandeau look.

And for a little something extra…

As for a final step to any of these looks, remember your jewels!

This may sound silly, but a sports logo with some good-ole fashion bejeweling is super cute and fun!

Now, get dressed and party like it’s game day!

— Hailey

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