10 Questions Everyone Asks You when You’re on a Diet

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Hardcore diets are something I have experience with since I’ve been an athlete all my life and like to stay in as best shape as possible. I’ve tried everything from no-carb diets to a full 24-day cleanse. So, of course, I’ve heard every question in the book. Here are a few of the best ones I’ve ever been asked…

  1. There is of course, the most simple and basic question:
    What are you allowed to eat/drink?
  2. The question only other dieters would ask:
    Are you on a fasting schedule? (AKA eat within an 8-10 hour window?)
    If you’re asking if I’m hungry, the answer is yes.
  3. The question that reminds you why you’re border line limping into work: What is your exercise routine to go along with your diet?
    It’s called getting up and kicking serious booty at the gym.
  4. The question people always seem to ask on a Friday:
    Can you drink alcohol at all?
  5. The question that reminds you even though you think you’re close, you’re so far away:
    How long does your diet last?
  6. The question that doesn’t even deserve a response:
    Are you starving everyday?
    Oh no you did not.
  7. The question you can’t answer as soon as it’s asked because you’re already off to the bathroom:
    How much water do you need to drink along with your diet?
    So you know the Great Lakes….
  8. Another “Are you serious?” question:
    Are you having any side effects?
    Uhm, yes. I’m hopefully losing weight. Duh.
  9. The “I spend too much time in GMC” question:
    Are you taking any supplements?
    Anything and everything.
  10. And lastly, the obvious:
    What are your plans for once your diet is over?
    To become a Victoria’s Secret model, obviously. I’m ready for my close up!

All of these questions I have heard multiple times and they’re pretty straight forward. For example, the first few questions always entail what you’re allowed to eat and drink and what your exercise routine is. Also, everyone always wants to know if you’re consuming alcohol or what the limits are. Basically, if you’re trying to be good, you won’t be drinking (although that’s hard for the Irish in me.)

All these are great questions regarding diets. Just remember, you don’t have to go on some crazy no-fat, no-carb, no-sugar diet to reach your goals. Life is all about being flexible! Work hard, workout harder and enjoy all life has to offer!

Oh, and make sure to show off that rockin’ bod you earned once you finish putting up with all these questions. 😉

Until next time, B.

– Brittany

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