10 Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe (Ladies)

Every girl wants to be a head-turner when they walk into the room and look like that fashion blogger wearing the $5,000 dollar outfit that swears you can get everything at Forever 21 for under $45.

For those of you still violently searching through the mess pile that is Forever 21, let me save you some time, and let you know you’re not going to look like a walking advertisement in a $15 skirt unless your name is Cara Delevingne and then which, you work that skirt girl!

However, there are ways to have a killer, blog-worthy wardrobe that doesn’t cost a million dollars. It’s time to embrace the phrase “quality over quantity.”

If you know me, then you know I like simple. Who doesn’t like simple?

My wardrobe consists of black, white, and denim. (Am I color blind- quite possibly. And yes, it is by choice.) But, from years of experience, I know that simple works. If you want to pull off the best-dressed, but no effort look, then do yourself a favor and invest in these 10 items that you can mix and match and look good while doing it!

I’m thinking it might be time for you TCD readers to treat yourself to a little shopping spree! Go be stunners, girls!

1. White Skinny Jeans

Cigarette leg, ultra-slim, distressed- You name it, and they are all good in my book!

Where to Buy! >>>> White Distressed Jeans

2. Distressed Denim Shorts

Not the booty hanging out kind that would make your grandma have a heart attack, but the boyfriend-ish fit. Oh, and please no more high-waisted…

Where to Buy! >>>> Denim Shorts 


3. Black Skinny Jeans

If you don’t have a pair, literally leave your house now and go get some. They’ll make you look thin and you can wear them with just about anything and wear them to anything. Hell, toss in a black belt if you’re really feeling festive!

Where to Buy! >>>> Black Jeans 

4. White T-Shirt/Tank

By far the most understated wardrobe item I can think of. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a white t-shirt off the hanger, put on some pants and converse and ran out the door. And now that it’s summer make it a tank! It’s effortless!

Where to Buy! >>>> White T-Shirt 

5. Leather Jacket

If you like plain and simple, but need a little flare, adding a leather jacket is the perfect way to do it. (Note: One of my favorite looks for summer is white shorts/pants, white baggy t-shirt, and black leather jacket with some chucks!)

Where to Buy! >>>> Black Leather Jacket 

6. Army Jacket

See, I do like some color! I have an authentic vintage one that I am currently OBSESSING over. Spice up your casual look with denim shorts, any t-shirt and an army jacket.

Where to Buy! >>>> Army Jacket 

7. Black Tank


For those days that you’ve been day drinking and can’t put together an outfit, always go for the black pants and black tank because you seriously can’t go wrong. And if you’re a spiller (like me), totally clutch.

Where to Buy! >>>> Black Tank 

8. Nude Heels

Whether you’re brunchin’ or heading to a ladies night out, nude heels go with anything and everything! Easy-Peasy.

Where to Buy! >>>> Nude Heels

9. Converse and/or Slip-On Sneaker

It gives you that “Yeah, I just threw myself together, and yes, I’m down to do anything” look. Plus you can go all day and all night in these bad boys!

Where to Buy! >>>> Slip-On Shoes

10. LBD (Little Black Dress)


It will always be a classic, because it is THE classic. This is the original of them all! And the way I look at it, you really don’t have to put an outfit together if you just throw on a dress. Look good with no effort!

Where to Buy! >>>> Black Dress
Well what are you waiting for ladies?! Go check your closets to see if you have all the 10 must haves for your wardrobe and if not, then go ahead and blame this article for why you’re rent money might be late this month 😉
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