10 Foods to Cure Your Hangover



Oh, man. You did it again. You proved to the world you know how to turn up on a Tuesday. Now the hangover is so real. Like, it’s never been this real. Has it? OMG thinking even hurts. All you can type to your friends is the SOS emoji and the ambulance emoji, along with the words “I’m never drinking again.”

Okay kids, let’s not get episodic here.

We’re going to help you out the best we can. Meet your 10 new best friends and the best things to eat to help cure that MF of a hangover.

  1. RAW CABBAGE- The end all be all for headaches! Stemming from an old wise tell legend, cabbage is actually great for a hangover—think twice before skipping the coleslaw side at lunch.
  1. HAMBURGER PATTY– Contrary to popular belief don’t load up on greasy food, but instead opt for a hamburger patty on lettuce topped with onion and tomato. Saves calories and saves stomach aches!
  1. ASPARAGUS- Eating asparagus before you go out can ease a hangover the next morning!
  1. B-AN-AN-AS! (*Gwen Stefani voice*)- If you’re feeling weak or shaky after a heavy night of drinking, reach for a banana to help restore your body’s potassium and improve muscle function.
  1. LIME– Either by itself or slice up and add to your water to feel better in the AM!
  1. EGGS- Organic pasteurized eggs help stabilize blood sugar and are healthy and tasty! Pair with a side of toast or oatmeal for extra energy.
  1. MISO SOUP- Sushi is usually the last thing you want to even THINK of or eat when you wake up with a pounding headache and nauseous stomach, but there’s no reason to get rid of Japanese food all together. Helps with digestion and sodium levels!
  1. RAW HONEY- Either by itself or with bread or crackers, honey helps flush any remaining alcohol out of your system more quickly and lets be honest it’s fun to squirt out of the bear bottle straight into your mouth! 😉
  1. TOMATO JUICE- It hydrates, and sends a national jolt of vitamins and minerals into your body and hey, if you want to take the “hair of the dog” mentality like I know you do, add some zing-zing mix, vodka, a celery straw and call it a “Bloody (Mary) hell of a hangover.”
  1. APPLES- Eating an apple on an empty stomach helps speed up your body’s natural detoxification process! Plus it’s full of magnesium and other antioxidants!

Hope these help you through your hangover, but just remember: The only real cure to any hangover is to get after the dog that bit ya!

Suck it up and pour yourself a beer!


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