10 Betchy Ways to Wear A Floppy Hat

Who doesn’t love a good hat? Whether it’s a cute fedora or your old man’s baseball cap, hats are great. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats a cute FLOPPY HAT.

You can dress it up or dress it down, whether you’re spending the day at the beach or getting dressed up for that cutie at work. There are SO many ways you can wear it, here are just a few!

1. To A Music Festival


Paired with a cute, flowy sundress, fun flats, and lots of jewelry, a floppy hat would be absolutely perfect for any music festival (Day One Outfit: Check!)

2. With A Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braids can be tricky. Sometimes hair falls out the backside, but luckily, a floppy hat is just the solution! The hat will help cover those pesky, stray hairs that have fallen out of the braid and help to make your look seem effortless, but done on purpose.

3. With An All-Black Ensemble


Ya girl’s favorite color is definitely pink, but six out of seven days you will catch me wearing a lot of, if not all, BLACK. So why not top off your all-black outfit with a cute betchy hat to help pull your outfit together?! Match black ankle booties, a black oversized t-shirt dress and a black leather vest with your betchy black floppy hat.

4. A Day At The Beach


No one likes getting a sunburn, and you could say I’m sunscreen obsessed, especially when it comes to my face! So wear your sunscreen and protect your pretty face with a big floppy hat! Any color will due. This is one look that will never fade away.

5. With Florals


Everyone loves a good floral ensemble, and a floppy hat will be just the ticket to pull together this look. You’ll look bohemian meets classy, and how could you go wrong with a look like that!

6. To Channel Your Inner Samantha Jones (aka our QUEEN!)


Because let’s be honest, what’s betchier than Sex and the City’s Samanta Jones *discretely* checking out her sexy LA neighbor with that amazingly oversized floppy hat? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

7. With a Barely-There Dress & Heels


If you’re letting it all hang out below why not toss the floppy on for a little more coverage per say! Ultra sexy and seductive, especially with that whole one-eye-looking-up-through-your-lashes under your hat plus some killer leg action going on- Always a plus.

8. With Fur


Because the floppy works for any season and with autumn creeping up on us, you’ll want to keep this style tip in mind when the leaves start to fall.

9. With Red Lipstick


This is THE look. You want to look ultra seductive and utterly classic in your floppy hat swipe on the red lipstick on the way out and you got it girl!

10. With a Totally Betchy Back to School Outfit!


Because nothing says “look at me” more than a sassy school skirt and a floppy hat. Don’t have a first day of school to rock it to? Screw it! this look is bitchin’ and deserves to be rocked even by us graduates! 😉

BONUS! *To Hide Your Unwashed Hair*


Running late for work? Again? No worries! A floppy hat is here to save the day! Skip the baby powder and just throw on your floppy hat! For an extra touch, smudge your eyeliner on the lids of your eyes to give a smoky look that can help pull your outfit together.

Hope you all love these fab tips to look betchy in your floppys! Share your own styles with us, with the hashtag #TCDstyle! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!





Courtney Kiss

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