10 Best Player Tattoos

Ladies and gentlemen, ’tis the season to be single and if you’re opinion is anything like mine, a tatted man is the best kind of man. There’s something beautiful and badass about a man who’s willing to have a needle stabbed into his body several times to ultimately create a work of art. No? Athletes are notorious for showcasing their art so without further a due, here are the 10 BEST Player Tattoos!

10. CC Sabathia


NY Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia, is the next badass on this list. Although CC doesn’t have pecks like Kap, he sure is feeling himself like Nicki and Bey! Sabathia makes this list simply because of all the detail put into his back! His last name coming out of flames is actually fuego, and take a look at that San Fran backdrop underneath with a lion and unicorn framing it. Okay, we see you!

9. Jermaine Jones

US midfielder Jermaine Jones reacts during a training session at the Centro Tecnico Frederico Germano Menzen training ground in Sao Paulo on June 19, 2014 as part of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. AFP PHOTO/ BEHROUZ MEHRI (Photo credit should read BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

Jermaine Jones is arguably one of the best midfielders in America. But nothing says I rock heavy with my country like an American flag in a star tat on the knee! Keep being dope! #Mericuh

8. Mike Scott


Please hear me out. Emojis are definitely a millennial thing: mostly overused but definitely glad we have them because sometimes they make the conversation a million times better. But for you to actually take your favorite Emojis and have them permanently tatted on your body?! You the real MVP. Atlanta Hawks forward, Mike Scott ladies and gents.

7. Matt Kemp


LA Dodgers Matt Kemp makes the list because this beautiful portrait of his grandparents on his chest. Keeping family closest to his heart. What. A. Guy. (Swoon)

6. Colin Kaepernick

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.16.24 AM

San Francisco Niners QB Colin Kaepernick is next on the list. Now his tattoos may not look like much but you have to give a man props for the full chest tattoo that’s supposed to stand for “inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility” and in the mix of that says “against all odds.” Regardless if you love the tat or not, enjoy looking at his chest. 😉 #goodGAWD

5. Daniel Agger


Now I’m no soccer pro, but when I see a tattoo I love, I ride for that player. Danish footballer, Daniel Agger has this insane portrait of Vikings in a graveyard that takes up his entire back. I won’t say much about it, because all you can really do is appreciate the detail in this true work of art.

4. Monta Ellis


The Dallas Mav’s Monta Ellis has a full tree on his stomach. Stretching from his chest all the way down to his naval. Should I say more?

3. Devin Thomas


Okay so remember earlier when I said “a tatted man is the best kind of man,” well that’s true. AND if it’s paired with a guy who’s still in touch with his inner child? Count me in! TWICE! Yeah, sure, Detriot Lions’ Devin Thomas has other tattoos, but come on! Having Goku from Dragon Ball Z tatted on your back is the flyest thing since Nike Air Force Ones first drop! Play on playa! 😉

2. J.R. Smith

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.16.07 AM

Cleveland Cavs guard J.R. Smith obviously makes the top 2 on this list. Of course we all know JR is super tatted but if you look closely at his neck, you’d think you’re staring at simply a Yankees symbol, but over that tattoo says “Young Money.” As in the record group that Lil’ Wayne owns. Oh yes, he did. The brave soul has a Young Money tattooed on his throat and yes, I’m here for it.

1. Tim Howard


How could I make a list about tattoos and not have Tim Howard at numero uno! This American goalie is completely covered in ink. He has a dragon, a crucifix, pictures of his mother as a young woman and his grandfather in military uniform, and a Superman logo. With all those tats, I’ll be his Lois Lane any day of the week! #comefindme



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