10 Best Cities to Live in if You’re Single

So you’re single and well, yeah, you’re OVER it.

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix with a bottle of wine to yourself just isn’t how it used to be and you need to get out there and meet people. Start fresh.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 10 best cities to live in if you’re single!

10. Baltimore, MD


Talk about a city full of singles! According to Forbes, there are 124.7 unmarried women per 100 unmarried men. Lucky men! This is on the up and attracting more singles who love a city atmosphere and East Coast lifestyle. Good morning Baltimore!

9. Cleveland, OH


Cleveland is booming with fun and festive singles, especially if you’re a sports fan! These local singles live and breathe their sports teams so embrace the culture and meet a single cutie at a local sports pub and grab a beer!

8. Portland, OR


This city is trending by the minute! Sure, plenty of hipsters are maing their way to Oregon, but Portland is great if you like some aspects of city life but still want to get away and enjoy nature! So get out there for a hike and meet your future granola crunching bae.

7. Washington D.C.


Searching for your future politician partner? LOL. But seriously, this isn’t a bad place to start. Take in the scenery and head to the great outdoors for some fun, or take a stroll through the city! This big city holds plenty of potential for fun-loving singles who have a greater appreciation for history and the outdoors. Plus, every Friday during summer, National Gallery of Art has “Jazz in the Garden” which is a great spot to bring out those dance moves and find other single men who have a great taste in music and appreciation for art.

6. Boston, Massachusetts


It’s no wonder Legally Blonde was filmed in this college town! All the top universities are located here, so there is a high likelihood you will find a smart and sexy collegiate man here! And talk about another booming sports town! Whether you’re on the outskirts searching for your sexy grad or in the city arguing sports over a beer, this is a great town to meet singles!

5. Houston, TX


There’s a reason Drake loves it here! Houston has just the right amount of southern mixed with business professional to make any single find their perfect match! Embrace the BBQ and sweet tea lover inside of you and get yourself a southern gentlemen or lady!

4. Seattle, WA


This is headquarters for some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies. Can you say CEO’s?! There’s plenty of successful businessman here that you can swing and at least find meaningful conversation with when you’re out and about!

3. San Francisco, CA


If you’re a successful, single female San Francisco is the place for you. San Fran has the biggest support system for women startups, so the men here like seeing a girl who can hold her own! Not to mention GOOGLE offices are here for those of you searching for a sexy nerd!

2. Nashville, TN


The home of country music and country cuties! If you’re a single guy, this is the place to be. According to Forbes, for every 100 unmarried men  there are 122.2 women. Be on the lookout for some seriously cute hipsters and up and coming music stars in this star-studded town full of big dreams!

1. New York, NY


You had to see this one coming! Not only is this city HUGE, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone, but also you practically have to walk everywhere, thus more opportunities to bump into a future someone! From endless amounts of bars to Central Park, there’s plenty of places to roam as a single, no matter what atmosphere you fancy!

– Taylor

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