10 best butts in baseball

With football season officially over and basketball season well underway, there’s only one thing left on my mind: baseball butts — err, baseball. I meant, baseball.

I mean come on ladies (and some fellas), we know the real reason we tune in for those 9-innings is only for the view and I don’t mean of the park.

Baseball players have undoubtedly the best butts on the planet! As a former softball player, I’m STILL not even sure if it’s the pants, the “juice” in those Gatorade tubs or just God’s natural blessing.

(Literally what I imagine baseball players saying to themselves when they see their own butts in the mirror.)

Whatever it is, we love them and they love us! I was ~burdened~ with the task of finding the best butts in the league and it was extremely difficult (my life is literally that hard) with plenty of candidates coming just short of the top ten.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen get your happy dollars (and binoculars) ready as I present (in no particular order), the top 10 best butts in baseball!

1. Willson Contreras, C, Chicago Cubs

(Photo Credit: Instagram/@willsoncontreras40)

Is it just me or does he make those pinstripes look good?

2. Giancarlo Stanton, RF, New York Yankees

Is it too late to qualify for the Winter Olympics? ⛷

A post shared by Giancarlo Stanton (@giancarlo818) on

I know — this video makes it impossible to think. Those back muscles and that booty… We’re all mezmerised, it’s not just you.

3. Buster Posey, C, San Francisco Giants

(Photo Credit: IG/busterposey)

His pants are a tad baggy here, but don’t be fooled – donk underneath.

4. Daniel Murphy, 2B, Washington Nationals

(Photo Credit: SI.com)

Oh yeah, babe. Swing into that lunge.

5. Yasiel Puig, RF, Los Angeles Dodgers

(Photo Credit: IG/yasielpuig)

Ugh, (sigh).


Now back to the booty…

6. Javier Baez, 2B, Chicago Cubs

(Photo Credit: IG/javy23baez)

OK. I’m sorry. I know this photo is not even fair.

But pull yourself together, we got four more gifts from God to admire.

7. Anthony Recker, C, Minnesota Twins

(Photo Credit: Flickr.com)

The photo says it all. This could be the most bootylicious bum on the diamond.

8. Trevor Bauer, SP, Cleveland Indians

(Photo Credit: Boston Herald)

Dat Bauer booty, doe.

9. Evan Longoria, 3B, San Francisco Giants

(Photo Credit: IG/evan.longoria3)

There’s more than just a home run they’re rooting for.

10. Bryce Harper, RF, Washington Nationals

(Photo Credit: IG/bharper3407)

Booty bump!

Naturally, quite a few catcher bums made the list thanks to all that squatting.

And there must be something in the water in San Francisco and Washington D.C. because they landed two donks in our list!

If you still need time to recover from the Javier Baez’ booty shot — we understand.

Forgive me, if I scroll back for another peek.

— Nicolette


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